It’s Bottle Time For Max

It's Bottle Time For Max

Source : US Weekly

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  • Anon27

    That’s Emme! Max is the one with the hair.

  • Shop Little Gifts

    very cute! love how hands on she is. definitely a fabulous mom.

  • Natalie

    Yeah, I would have said it’s Emme too, but he/she is dressed in blue. The way J.Lo seems to be going is Emme is all pink and Max all blue…x

  • sara

    babysccoop is right this is Max and he’s so cute.

  • Jenna

    What’s so cute about him or her? It looks like every other baby. So there’s nothing special about J-Ho or her twins she conceived through in-vitro

  • Anonymous

    she did? I hope she changes. Her diva attitude won’t fly with two baby’s.

  • Sophie

    That is Max. Emme is the baby with hair and has been seen dressed in skirts. :)

    They’re so sweet!

  • Wendy

    Did you say SUPERSTAR Jennifer Lopez???? She’s a has been and NOT a superstar. Never was and never will be..!!!!!

    May you meant SUPER-HAS-BEEN!!!

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