Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Lipstik Hippie Chick Ruffle Pucci Sparkle Dress – on sale for $52, sizes 2T – 7
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    1. christie

      cute, cute dress on a cutie pie girl!

    2. Bluezy

      I wouldn’t spend $5 on that dress…let alone $50!!

    3. Anonymous

      That dress is more for a 5-6 year old, not 2! It doesn’t look right.

    4. anne

      The first thing I thought of? If Will Ferrell’s little “landlady” Pearl had a business partner in her real estate empire, it would be Suri in this get-up. : D (In the real world … the color palette and general droopiness of this nightie-looking thing really accentuate her wan coloring — more and more, she’s coming to resemble Heidi’s invalid friend Clara, poor thing.)

    5. Kate

      guess im the only one who likes it lol. I wouldnt spend anything over 20 dollars on anything for a kid, they just grow out o fit way too fast


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