Gordon Ramsay Has Not Attended His Children’s Births

“We have the most amazing life. We’re very active in the bedroom and I think you’re a beautiful lady. I don’t want to see something coming out of a sort of sci-fi movie. I don’t want to see a skinned rabbit or skinned pigeon coming out of your ninny and then get excited and hold it. Give it to me when it’s all nice and sort of clean and ready to go.”

Source: The Sun

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  • Cari

    I’m speechless. Almost. What an idiot! I’ve caught glimpses of his TV show a couple of times, but won’t anymore!

  • Emma

    You have to understand his sense of humour it’s very tongue-in-cheek.He is an extemely successful chef and he is well known for his colourful language.

  • Pencils

    He was recently bitten on the nose by a puffin that he was trying to catch to cook for a TV show. Good. Serves him right–people shouldn’t eat puffins! They’re too cute. I would loved to see him getting bitten on the nose by an adorable bird, but I don’t think they filmed that part.

  • Rhi

    I did not picture him as one of those pansy guys who don’t want to see “it” like that! It drives me crazy when guys pull that crap, get over yourselves!

  • ivy

    my husband didnt want to actually see the baby coming out, but he was atleast there with me. that’s horrible that he lets something like that keep him from attending the births.

  • Ashley

    that’s extremely insensitive of him. ew. he makes me sick.

  • Tracy

    I did not want my husband to see the actual birth either. I looked in the mirror when my first son was born and that was enough for me, thanks. It’s not pretty and I would like to have a sex life after birthing my children. My twins were born by csection and he did see my uterus. But I don’t think sex would ever be the same for a guy after witnessing a vaginal birth. I don’t think it’s insensitive, I think it’s reality.

  • Anonymous

    I think that statement was hilarious! I agree with Emma. You have to know his sense of humor. His preference ladies. He’s not married to you! My hubby was a champ for my son, and I’m due again in April, hell be there!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Emma, you have to know him. I thought his statement was hilarious. his preference! It’s not your husband ladies! My husband was there for my son, and will be there again in April for our next. Can’t wait!

  • Peta

    His dry sense of humour is similar to that of my fellow country men, so I didn’t find it offensive. I actually found it amusing that there is something in this world that scares the pants off him.

  • AC

    Totally entitled to his own opinion, but I can’t believe his wife had 4 kids with him. The first time he wasn’t present in the delivery room would be the last time he ever had a chance to make baby #2.

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