The Klum-Samuel Family In Rome

The Klum-Samuel Family In Rome

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Source : Bauer Griffin

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  • darcy

    aw i love henry- look at him smiling in that goofy way- and johan is seriously 1 of the cutest little boys out there!

  • chrisma

    I wonder what really attracts her to Seal.Is it his look or his money??

  • gavmitri

    I think Heidi is attracted to Seal because he is a romantic and he probably treats her really well and seems to love his family a lot.

  • antigonie

    Seal can’t help the way he looks, he has a birth defect (discoid lupus) if his cheeks are what you are referring to. Before you start judging someone chrisma take into consideration that people may not look as phenomenal as you. BTW Not everyone gets married because of looks and money, they get married b/c they love and care about each other.

  • Jen

    well said antigonie, I couldn’t agree more

  • Peta

    Honestly, I never thought much of anything about either Seal or Heidi until I found out that he was by her side during her pregnancy with Leni and during Leni’s birth. Where I come from, getting bio-fathers to be supportive is like pulling teeth yet he was willing to play that role for Heidi and Leni. As far as I am concerned, he has my utmost respect and I wish him and his family well.

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