Gillian Anderson @ The X-Files UK Premiere

Gillian Anderson @ The X-Files UK Premiere

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  1. Sara

    She is so amazing :). Thank you for posting so much about her!

  2. anne

    She sure is hitting home runs these days in the style dept. — has been dressing consistently well. Whether she has a new stylist or something is immaterial, though . . . the main thing is, she looks very VERY happy (truly the best beauty ‘treatment’ – for anyone)!

  3. thumba

    I can’t believe she didn’t see her hairstylist and get some color on that regrowth! UGH…I think she looks dumpy, void of the Hollywood glam I would expect from her. Sorry, just my opinion.

  4. k

    Dumpy?? Shes however many months pregnant and not very tall!!!!


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