The Jolie-Pitt Twins Exclusive Pictures Sell For $14 Million

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins exclusive photos jointly sold to People and Hello!, with Getty Images as the photographer for $14 million, making them most expensive celebrity pictures ever sold! An insider involved in the negotiations revealed the figure to The Associated Press.

It’s the second time People has won the North American rights to the couple’s exclusive baby pictures – they featured Shiloh in June 2006 for $4.1 million and the third time they’ve worked with the two magazines and donated the money to charity – they both featured Pax Thien in March 2007 for $2 million.

People magazine will feature twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon in an issue to hit newsstands Monday – as we previously mentioned, will be showing the first photo online Sunday evening at around 7pm EST.

All of the money will go to a foundation created by Pitt and Jolie that focuses on helping children around the world.

Source: The Associated Press

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  • Claudius

    Yes, the money will go into their foundation then they will mete out the payments to charity(ies) through the year accompanied by a press release of how much they’ve given. Very smart people. They give out the money to a charity to coincide with when they need the publicity. Look out for mentions when their movies are about to be released or some World Refugee Day. By then, we would all be thinking that the money is coming from their own pockets.

  • Sam

    In a statement, Getty co-founder and CEO Jonathan Klein said his company was “delighted that all proceeds from these stunning images will once again be donated entirely to charity. It is a privilege to use the power of our imagery to make a difference in the lives of so many throughout the world through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.”

  • mélodie


    The 1 million from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation to the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

    The EPCC was actually co-founded by Angelina last year – she has said that “these educational support programs for children of conflict are the best way to help them heal.”

    Half the money will go to help the education and emotional support of children of military people over in Iraq, while the other half will help various groups that offer aid to Iraqi women and children.

    Angelina has said that cameras follow her anyway so let them follow her to places that need that spotlight. I don’t see how some people can’t realize that because of their fame, they draw attention to groups that would just be one more charity among thousands if it weren’t for the big names that attach to them.

  • Claudius

    Yeah, you buy what you want and I will buy something a lot more sturdier. The money is going into their foundation and they mete it out as they please. My statement still stands, they mete out the money when it is appropriate for them attention-wise. When they have a movie out, when they need more media mentions, etc.

    You can quote and type up whatever Jolie says, it still stands that it is all about branding. The charities gaining is just an added bonus.

  • Claudius

    Branding in getting what is said to be over 30 pages of them and their kids in PEOPLE, HELLO, NEW IDEA and every other cover and pages they can get. The children hadn’t even been born before they got their broker to sit down and sell to the highest bidder. How long did the bidding go on for? days, weeks, months? They actually have a broker who can get them the biggest deals. This is the same person Matt McConnaughey used.

    You keep kidding yourselves that they are doing it to help and I will keep telling myself that it is about selling their brand. As for them using the attention they get to focus on issues of the patronised people and countries they visit, call the people in Namibia and ask them the last time that the media gave a damn about them after Jolie and Pitt lorded over them at the birth of their second daughter and left. Have they actually laid the foundation of all those homes they promised in New Orleans? oh yeah, Brad the architect is still busy working out the best possible way to make the homes more energy friendly and apparently, he is begging for funds.


  • Audrey

    Claudius. That is why stars are used to draw attention and funding to worthwhile organizations. It works.

    They don’t need to make donations to promote movies. That happens on its own.

    When I donate I choose where I want my money to go. They have the right to do the same. They just get to do it with more zeros.

  • Claudius

    And who said they don’t have the right to donate? did you read what I wrote or did you just get a sense of the criticism and then typed. Of course, they have the right to donate but the assumption that they are selling the pictures of their babies for the sole purpose of helping charities is laughable.

    This is about branding. They sold the pictures to the HIGHEST bidder, they sold the pictures of Shiloh to the highest bidder, they sold the pictures of Pax before he stepped foot on US soil to the magazines, they sold the exclusive of her pregnancy with Shiloh to PEOPLE and this will go on, I guess, with every new kid they have.

    Why is that? combined, they are both worth over $100m and yet, they have to sell the pictures of their children? The fact that they do it and give the proceeds to charities doesn’t excuse the fact that they are exploiting their kids. And please, don’t give me the blurb that she gives half of her salary to charities, no one is exploited through that.

    They have a broker/negotiator who spends weeks and months negotiating to get them the best deal.

    They and the bidding publications hype the pregnancy for months to get the greatest amount of attention that they can. What magazines have had Jolie on the cover for months almost every week? PEOPLE and OK!, who were the publications at the last hurdle of the bidding war? PEOPLE and OK!

    This is about the Jolie and Pitt brand. They are selling the kids just the way JLO, Aguilera, Richie, McConnaughey have all done. The fact that they have added “we will give it all to charity” is just an added bonus to the prestige of knowing they got paid more than the others, get endless media attention and pretend that they are doing it so that they can have their privacy and take the money away from the magazines. These are the same magazines that have no qualms putting Shiloh on the cover of their magazines as the cover story. I don’t see or read anywhere where her parents set their lawyers on the tail of OK! for using the image of their not even 2years old on the cover.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. There are ways of giving to charities, exploiting children while grinning inanely from the covers of a magazine is not one of those ways.

  • Audrey

    It’s all about getting the first pics to the paps. Buy quickly selling the first pics the theory is that it will slow them down a bit. Remember with Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker were taking their son home. They stopped outside and let everyone take a picture. Nobody got to be first and that let up the tension plus reduced the value of the pictures.

    If your going to donate, get the biggest donation you can.

  • Jen

    I actually have to agree with Claudius. As wonderful as it is for them to donate all that money to needy charities, they need to find a better way to do it. They senselessly exploit their children , and I’m sorry, but there is no cause on this earth worth doing that for. Those children deserve a normal lifestyle, not the jet-setting, pap stalking, crazy life that they have. The parents have no one else to blame but themselves.

  • gladgladglad

    Brad and Angie have had three invasions of their home since the twins were born. Very frightening in my book. Those are just the ones we know about. In Vietnam paparazzi surrounded Angie & Maddox’ car and wouldn’t let them leave the hotel parking lot. When they sold Shiloh’s photos that didn’t happen and they were left alone for several months. Additonally, Brad has said he receives threatening letters, including threats of harm to the children. I think this is a safety issue for them and they tried to get a remote enough home to have privacy and it didn’t work. What would you do if people were hiding and taking photos of you in your dressing gown on your back deck? Until you have walked a mile in BP/AJ’s shoes and have a better solution, you shouldn’t judge.

  • kiki

    If i were a celebrity, i would like to have the control of the pictures which are taken of my child. the paps don’t move back in front of nothing, by example they took pictures of the girl of hally barry, whereas this one never sold any pictures of her, do you think it’s her fault? I think that parents sell these pictures to have peace, people don’t blame the paps when they take and publish pictures of these child, so if it must be done it better that the money goes to the parents instead of the paps, no matter what they do with the money!!!!!!!

  • Audrey

    I would rather sell the pictures and make a donation. Mostly because the pictures and the haunting is going to happen until the pictures are out. The photogs will fly over in helicopters, creep through bushes, stand on ladders outside of fences, extra-strong telegraphic lenses. The past has proven that. They are intent on getting the pictures. Take some of the thunder out of it.

    About the only way to get rid of these photographers is to get out of the public view, change their way of making a living. And a person shouldn’t have to do that. A person should be able to make a living doing what they want, take their children where every other person takes theirs, and just in general do as they will.

    But if people like us didn’t want to visit sites with the pictures, and buy People and OK , these photographers would be out of business and these families would be left alone. We are part of the problem

  • gladgladglad

    The Jolie-Pitt Foundation didn’t announce any donations in 2007 or 2008 until the end of the fiscal year recently, and 1/2 that money ($500k) went to Operation Hope. During that time Brad had 3 movies open and Angie had 4. Angelina hasn’t been on the cover of PEOPLE since Pax’ adoption 4/2/07 — 70 (SEVENTY!!) weeks ago.

    What legal cause of action do you think AJ and Brad have when their child is put on the cover of US magazine for her 1st birthday?

  • Jello

    Wow Claudius, dial down the hate. The Jolie-Pitts didn’t bargain with magazines. Getty Images did. BP/AJ arranged with Getty to take the photos and for all proceeds to go to their foundation (if that is true) and then Getty contacts the publications. That is how it always works. It is like an auction. The difference is that someone like Jessica Alba has limited appeal where the world-wide fascination with the Jolie-Pitts is endless. The foundation is getting over twice as much as Lopez/Anthony and none of it is going for more chandeliers. I think The Jolie-Pitt Foundation gave the $5 million seed money for the houses Brad is building in New Orleans, and that Angelina has been working on education and health care in the area. Let’s hope more is going there.

  • joyce

    the jolie-pitt twins look like there mother,
    they both got her lips just like shiloh
    but they are so cute

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