Review: Mamma’s Milk Pocket Change – The Newest Changing System

Check out the newest changing system by Mamma’s Milk, Pocket Change. It carries diapers and wipes and folds out into a full sized changing pad. The inner pouch holds diapers and is used as a cushion for your baby’s head. It is machine washable and available in tons of fun colors and designs at only $24.99 each. I’m loving my very own Pocket Change – it’s so compact and lightweight, fitting into my handbag without effort. Well done Pocket Change – perfect for us moms and dads on the go! Go to the Mamma’s Milk website and get a 20% discount, exclusive to our readers!

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  1. It’s great to see diaper carrying products become less focused on looking a baby product and more like a fashion item.

    I’ve yet to see anything like Pocket Change in the UK. I hope they arrive over here soon though because they’re gorgeous!


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