Jamie Lynn & Baby Maddie Spotted Out & About

Jamie Lynn & Baby Maddie Spotted Out & About

Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted on Wednesday with newborn daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, at a medical center in her hometown. Jamie Lynn, looking quite svelte just 6 weeks after giving birth, took little Maddie to Walmart after the medical check-up and stopped for lunch at the Spears family fast food fav Nyla Burger Basket.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • Anonymous

    All of us middle-aged women who have recently had babies are officially excused to go and throw up now! :)

    Of course she looks svelte…she may have had a baby, but she is still 17 years old!

  • http://www.evolvedparenting.ca Jenny

    Well said, Anon…….well said! 😉

  • B

    I like the fact that she is using a Graco brand stroller and shopping at Walmart.

    I feel a little guilty looking at the pictures which were obviously taken by a paparazzi harassing them when they’re just trying to live a normal life in Obscurity, MS. Like somehow I am contributing to the invasion of their privacy.

  • Angela

    She looks good. I wish the paps would leave her alone. She has chosen to have a normal life by living in, Liberty MS, isn’t it? I’m not from America, I would love to visit the South. Seems so laid back. I was in Los Angeles and it was crazy!

  • Anonymous

    I hope she will be a good mother for Maddie, i wish them all the best.

  • Jade

    GRRR i am so sick of people whining about how she’s 17 of course she’s gonna bounce right back no it’s not because she’s only 17 i was 17 when i had my first and he was a big baby 10lb and my body was ruined after having him then my second baby at 18 was 10lb 7oz so my body never really had a chance in hell to bounce back from anything i am only 22 now and i absolutly love my kids
    but just because someone is young doesn’t mean their body is just gonna bounce back into shape

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/phoenix_chi_and_angel_iris Giuliana

    She is doing really great! Congrats to Jamie Lynn!
    She is looking great again! And lil Maddie is a cutie!

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