Harlow’s Foot Plays Peek-a-boo

Harlow's Foot Plays Peek-a-boo

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  • Tracy

    How ridiculous-what is the point of taking the baby out for a walk if she can’t even look around or see anything other than the blanket over her head. What a twit.

  • Keira

    Well, depends how many paps are around yelling their stupid questions. But yes, why even bother taking her out then when she’s stuck in a hot stuffy closed off chamber…..Could she be asleep in there?

  • Rachel

    Harlow is only seven months old…so just judging by the position of her little foot sticking out, I would say she is definitely laying down and asleep.

    Good for Nicole not staying chained to the crib in the house, but taking the opportunity for her own workout time during the baby’s nap!

  • candice

    she is soooo cute

  • fee

    Let this poor little girl see whats going on around her on her walk! Whats the point – she might as well cut laps around her backyard – at least Harlow could look around without having to be covered with a blanket.

  • Rosy J

    Harlow is a gorgeous baby. I think she was asleep. I’ve seen lot of pics prior to this. Once when the sun was in her eyes, a lot people complained about that. These celebs can’t win for losing.

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