Katie & Suri Meet Mary Poppins

Katie & Suri Meet Mary Poppins

Katie Holmes takes Suri to see Broadway show Mary Poppins. As usual, Suri tries to escape from the flashes, as they are surrounded by an army of paps!

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  • Melissa

    It breaks my heart to see Suri out so late and looking so exhausted. If Katie wants to take her to see a show what is wrong with an afternoon performance?? Much more appropriate for a 2 year old. They are always dragging her around at night when she should be home and sleeping.

    The bottle issue is yet another thing that needs to be addressed.

    They are not doing right by this child from the bottle to the bedtimes.

    So sad.

  • !!!

    how do you know what time it is out??? all the light in front of them is from the flashbulbs…..so quick to judge and tell it like it should be with celeb babies!

  • Mandy

    How do you know it’s so late? It’s amazing how people are always so ready to judge.

    And why does the bottle need to be addressed? Is that your kid Melissa? Because if it’s not, I don’t see a reason. When she should stop using the bottle, it’s Tom and Katie’s decision, not ours. Besides Suri doesn’t use a pacifier and she’s only 2 years old. People are making way too much deal out of nothing.

  • blahblahblah

    looks like a night time show to me. I never had my young babies or toddlers out past 8 or 9 at the latest. And Suri does NOT look happy on these outings either. That is what I see anyway. She looked perfectly fine at the park the other day except she never smiles, but at least it was a better environment. Seriously, take her to an afternoon show or at least maybe an early evening show so she can be home at a decent hour. Then again…don’t Scientologists let their children dictate what time they go to bed, when they give up the bottle, diapers..etc…

  • Nicole

    The lack of, you know, the SUN should tell you it’s dark.

    Katie, Suri is not your toy or your friend. She is your CHILD and it’s about time you start treating her like a child instead of some toy you can take out when you want, wearing what you want.

  • Scarlet

    Amazes me how people feel so free to impose rules on someone’s else life. Mary Poppins’s always full of kids and because of that it does not start or end late. If Suri loves broadway shows, and it’s obviously she does, I think it’s great Katie’s taking her to see these great shows.

  • anne

    @Melinda #3: As long as we’re playing by the stated comment rules, I believe we’re free to express our opinions (and this being a parents-and-children site, child-rearing issues will be a topic). By your logic, it would be inappropriate to comment negatively at all—even on such benign topics as fashion, haircuts, etc.—since everything about celeb subjects’ lives is “their decision” after all. Our opinions, esp. the judgmental kind, would be presumptuously inappropriate if we were speaking to these people face to face, but we’re not … nor are they consulting us. We’re just talking harmlessly amongst ourselves. You’re entitled to your opinions, too . . . just please refrain from scolding the rest of us for saying anything other than “aw, how cute” or “she so pretty.” 😉

  • Claire

    I agree with you, Scarlet.. Also, Katie is obviously very busy at the moment, rehearsing for “All my sons” and so on.. So if their mother-daughter time is limited for evenings, it’s perfectly fine to spend it out and about

  • Pencils

    It’s a Broadway show. It starts at 8pm, or you can see a matinee at 3pm. I don’t think that was a matinee–they’re only on Wednesdays and weekends anyway. Personally, I don’t approve of taking children that small to evening shows, whether movies or Broadway. How would you like to have spent $120 for a ticket only to find out you’re sitting next to a bored, crying two-year-old? No two-year-old child has the attention span to watch an entire Broadway show. Just because it’s a show meant for children and adults it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for babies and toddlers.

    Although I suppose it being Katie Holmes she was in a balcony box, but even then, if Suri cried or fussed I bet the entire theater heard it–including the actors, who deserve better, which you’d think Katie would realize. And don’t tell me that the theater is filled with kids that young, this is Broadway, not a multiplex. I took a five-year-old to see You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown at a Broadway matinee some years ago, and there were very few kids younger than he there.

  • Anonymous

    This little girl is very well dressed, because they can face the costs, but she’s not so cute after all. I also think that parents can do what they want with their children, because they are those which will face the consequences of what they have made.
    I would like to see more pics of shiloh, zahara, dannielyne, kingstone, ramona, honor, stella, apple, harlow, and all the other babies ; but where are they ?????????

  • http://www.suricruiseitalia.altervista.org Suri Cruise Italia

    I like so much her little pink dress..
    someone know the brand??

  • Rachel

    Anyone know where Tom has been lately? I don’t recall seeing the three of them together since the July 4 pics in Telluride.

    I can’t help but wonder if all this sudden diverted attention (katie’s newest do, her latest fashion looks, suri’s bottle, the two of them out every night, etc.) has anything to do with Tom’s whereabouts?

  • Keira

    Suri is learning to hate the paps very early in her young life. I doubt she enjoyed the show as it was probably just too late. But it’s not my child or my place to judge. I’m sure Suri is very well taken care of and none of us really know the facts do we…we only know what we see in a photograph, a very small slice of Suri’s life.

  • Kate

    Dont assume just becuase its an evening show that she didnt enjoy it becuase of tiredness. To me, she appears to be hiding the flasshes and screaming paps more then showing exhaustian. Some people simply arent tired at 8 oclock like the rest of the world. From the minute I was born, I was a night owl much to my morning glory mothers dismay. I continue to be one no matter how much she tried to change it, and my daugther is displaying the same tendancies.

  • Melissa

    As a previous posters commented, no sun = night. In addition that Ped’s tell you that you should have your kids off the bottle at 12 months old. It is not good for their teeth or speech development.

  • L.

    Good God. Millions of children are starving, millions are being beaten and sold into sexual slavery, and what do we worry about? An extremely wealthy, perhaps over-indulged child. I think she’ll be just fine, folks.

  • Cm

    ha ha L you took the words out of my mouth

    anne- no one expects every comment to be an ooh and ah but some of you are just silly, complaining about how the kid is always in a thin dress (which probably costs more than any dress we own).

  • anne

    With all due respect, “L.” and “Cm” . . . One could argue that merely visiting celebrity websites like this, not to mention posting comments on them, is a big fat frivolous waste of time . . . When you think about it, no comment we make here—the level-headed as well as the skewed perspective—is contributing one little bit to bringing safety, health, and justice to the world. I mean, isn’t *all* of this kind of “silly” in the grand scheme of things? (And I reckon not too many of us are actually losing sleep or writing our elected officials over Suri’s wardrobe, bedtime routines, etc. — surely once we leave this site, it’s not on our minds anymore, so …… ) 😉

  • fee

    Well as far as Im concerned ol’ TomKat are just making a rod for their own back (and that of their hired help) by letting a 2 year old stay awake as long as she likes, have a bottle till shes 10 and just generally wear the pants in the house – I just cant wait to see how this little princess will grow up in years to come…..more fool them I say.
    Unfortunatley spoiling kids to excess (this goes for all kids, celebs or not) doesnt make for nice adults – face it – they grow to be self absorbed, arrogant people who cant see past their own selfish needs…….

  • Rosy J

    I agree; far be it for me or anyone else to question how long a child drinks from a bottle, what time it goes to bed and when it should be potty trained is hardly anyone’s concern, save that of the parent (s). However I do take issue with the comment made by cm at 4:14 that the dress worn by the child probably cost more than any dress we own, that does not speak to the appropriateness of it. From what I’ve seen of it, this child’s entire wardrobe is a joke.

  • Cm

    I was actually referring to the comments made in another Suri post where someone said that the child always has on a thin dress while Katie homes is dressed to the nines, which implied to me that the poster thought that they threw anything on the child. I have read many comments where people hate a little boys hair b/c its too long or dont think another child is too attractive whatever..but to seriously offer parenting advice or worry about the welfare of child claim that its breaking your heart for the child to be out too late all from pictures is a bit much IMO…

  • Cm

    and your right anne it is ALL silly…i come here and comment every once and again for a little lighthearted distraction

  • anne

    “Cm” . . . I’m certainly down with the ‘distraction’ value of it all — and I agree, it’s fascinating/bewildering to see what sorts of things we’re inspired to comment on, and with how much feeling. Hoping we can assume it’s all “humble opinion” and basically ephemeral … even the occasional conniption! :-)

  • Condition of Anon

    I’m afraid everyone is “barking up the wrong tree” in their assertions about this series of photos.

    The problem is not with Katie or Suri in the least…it is with the animals with the cameras partaking in the legalized stalking of this mom and daughter.

    As someone who was present for these very photos, Suri is hiding her face from the barrage of high-intensity, strobing light directed straight at her and mom. The scene the paparazzi caused was pure ridiculousness…over absolutely nothing.

    As Mary Poppins is a family show from Disney on Broadway’s collection of Broadway phenoms, children of all ages attend and enjoy the show. Katie and Suri being no different from the multitude of other parents and children in attendance that night, namely me, and my astute and attentive 3 year old daughter, who didn’t yawn once until the trip home.

    “Never judge a book…….etc.”

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