Brooke Shields & Rowan @ The Jonas Brothers Concert

Brooke Shields and daughter Rowan Henchy, 5, went to the The Jonas Brothers Concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC on August 8th.

Photo: Splash

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, Roman is such a cutie, she looks like a little trouble maker, too cute.
    I don’t know why, but i don’t love the Jonas brothers.

  2. Queen of The LaLa Land

    Such a beautiful mother-daughter duo. (:

  3. First Katie brings back the 80′s tight-rolled jeans, now Brooke’s bringing back the fanny pack! LOL. :)

  4. anon

    she is def getting cuter with age

  5. Janie

    Brooke and her daughter are very pretty!

  6. dea

    I’d take the fanny pack over the rolled jeans any day. Actually the design is cute (and practical when you are @ concerts).


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