Kate & Ryder On The Beach

Kate & Ryder On The Beach

Source : Flynet

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  1. Nicole

    I feel bad for Ryder, with all these new guys constantly in and out of his life.

  2. V

    yeah he looks real miserable.

  3. Nicole

    Did I say he looked unhappy? No. Not yet, anyway.

  4. Tasha

    I agree with Nicole. No he doesn’t appear to be unhappy but he’s probably very confused. When I was his age, there were several men my mother dated after my parents divorce and we were told to call them “uncle.” I wasn’t unhappy because I was so young, but I was very perplexed.

  5. Janie

    What is going on with Kate Hudson? Is she that insecure? She cannot live without a man for one week! She is an idiot! I feel bad for Ryder!

  6. Rachel

    Ryder has a dad, and a very involved and supportive one at that. Hopefully Ryder is very secure in the consistent male influence he already has and his mother’s boyfriends are just that.

  7. Kate

    His father is extremely involved and Kate makes sure to let Ryder know constantly how much she cares for him and such. I dont worry about Ryder.

  8. emily

    um, that’s not a new guy. that’s the guy’s wife in the other pics with Kate lol.


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