Danielle Spencer Strolls With Mom & Son

Danielle Spencer Strolls With Mom & Son

Danielle Spencer, who is married to Russell Crowe, walks in Centennial Park in Sydney with her mother Fran and son Tennyson on Thursday.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Nicole

    I’m pretty sure this is the younger boy, Tennyson. Charlie is 4, and maybe a bit too old for this type of stroller.

    He is a cutie, though! It’s so weird to see people all bundled up in Australia when it’s 110 here!

  2. anon

    oh my lord they are mother/daughter twins! they look identical!

  3. Angelica

    Yes that is not Charlie that is Tennyson. He is the spitting image of Danielle. Charlie looks more like Russell.

  4. Thanks ladies, I changed it to Tennyson. ;)

  5. Martha

    Danielle’s Mom, pictured, is named Julie.

  6. Anonymous

    I can’t get over how much Tennyson looks like Russell. Yah, we have a young Russell again. lol


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