Update: Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Expecting First Child

Update: Jenna confirmed her pregnancy to UsMagazine.com

“Yes, I can confirm I’m pregnant. It’s still early, so I’m being cautious. I’m resting as much as possible. “I’m so happy! “I’m just saying super healthy,” she says. “I’ve moved down to the beach with Tito — I love being by the beach.”

Page Six reports that retired adult film star Jenna Jameson and boyfriend, UFC champ Tito Ortiz are expecting their first child.

“She had a bunch of meetings and things planned for Fashion Week, including meetings for her own line, but she’s postponed everything,” said our source. “She’s completely thrilled, this is something she’s wanted for a very long time.”

Jameson, 34, had a miscarriage during her marriage to Jay Grdina and had failed attempts with in vitro. The couple’s reps had no comment.

Source: Page Six

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  • Jen

    I’m not usually one to pass judgement but I’m curious as to how she plans to explain to her child why she chose that particular career path. Unless they live on the moon, her past career is bound to be discovered one day by her child.

    Of course, I am aware, that everyone has things in their past that they are not proud of but from what I’ve heard, she doesn’t seem to have any regrets over it. I just hope that she realizes how difficult her past career will be on her child, one day, in the future.

  • gia

    she is so odd (not in a good way) & seems unhealthy (anorexic) & possibly unstable (crazy plastic surgeries)…i hope the baby will be okay.

  • cm

    Gia- i believe she is that thin b/c she had cancer

  • gia

    she has been cancer free though after the malignant mole was removed in 2004…surely in 4 years she would have regained some healthy weight.
    i am sorry she had cancer, but i still think she has some serious weight & self image issues.

  • Rinoa

    Totally agree Gia. There’s no way that she’s still so thin because of cancer. Maybe this pregnancy will set her on a new, healthier path though.

  • antigonie

    Maybe because she became a vegan a few years back. Maybe that made her a little thinner. She had also said in an older myspace blog that she was going through stress with the whole divorce. Oh and to Jen, if you’re completely honest with your children there shouldn’t be a problem and it also teaches them that it’s ok to tell the truth and be honest with others. Kids who find out secrets that their parents try to hide from them end up with the most emotional scarring. Your child isn’t responsible for your past career choices, she was a grown woman then and she is a grown woman now. So all of you who do jump to conclusions need to worry about raising your own children and not everyone elses. It’s not like three year olds are watching porn and reminding other kids who their parents are. CHILL!

  • Jen

    antigonie — I wasn’t talking about a 3 year old. I was talking about when her child is older, such as 10 +. It doesn’t matter if she is honest or not, when that child gets in school later in life and is put through hell and back by other children because of who their mother is…that is rough. Besides, her career really isn’t in the past, as from what I’ve read, she still runs some sort of business in porn.

    As for “chilling”, I do think you need to take your own advice. I, in no way, made a horrible nasty remark about this woman. I simply voiced a concern that had came to mind. If you didn’t agree with it, then simply state “I do not agree”. Don’t drag other people’s child rearing into call or tell them to “CHILL”.

  • V

    what woman hasn’t had self image issues? porn stars are people too. you think she should refrain from reproducing because she’s “unapologetic” about her career choices? Kudos to her for not apologizing to people like you, she has nothing to be sorry about! she lived her life on her terms. maybe her kid, unlike most these days, will actually understand what it means to stand up for yourself and not give a dang what people think of you. kids are going to ask questions no matter what you do or did for a living. it’s not like they’re going to play her tapes at nappie time.

  • V

    also, everyone worries so much about kids getting teased. we mock people’s choice in baby names and that maddox jolie-pitt has blue hair and “oh no they might have those mean kids at school tease them because of who their parents are!” how about, instead of conforming to the standards of CHILDREN we raise our kids however the heck we want and teach them to be kind and compassionate. maybe if we passed less judgment our children would do what kids do and mimic that. i was teased in school and i was cute, blonde, thin, have a normal name and my parents aren’t famous, so… kids tease kids no matter what. they find something and they run with it. and honestly, i’m not scarred for life.

  • Rinoa

    There’s nothing wrong with Jenna Jameson’s career choice, in my opinion. Nothing wrong with porn. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to have children? I swear, some people on this site are so judgmental. It’s unreal!

  • http://www.evolvedparenting.ca Jenny

    I like your thoughts on this, V. No matter what anyone thinks about Jenna or the porn industry, you can’t take away the fact that she’s been a female pioneer in this male-dominated & male-oriented biz.

  • Jen

    Wow people cannot read on this site……

    I can see that a lot of these comments are aimed at me and I could care less. I have stated that I did NOT say anything negative or nasty. I simply stated that I was curious as to how she was going to explain her past career to her child when the time came. Simple as that. I never said ANYTHING else but that.

    I think EVERYONE who posted comments on here need to calm down and stop shoving words down other people’s throats. I NEVER said that she should not have a child because she’s a porn star. I NEVER said that she didnt suffer from self esteem issues. I NEVER said that she was less of a person from being a porn star.

    Who’s the judgemental ones?? Grow up people.

  • Nicole

    If there’s ever going to be a problem, it’s going to be because some parents aren’t going to be able to keep their mouths shut about who the kid’s mother is. That’s the only way a bunch of 10-year-olds are going to know what the kid’s mom did for a living.

  • antigonie

    I so agree with V and Nicole. As for Jen, don’t worry about HOW she’s going to explain her career but IS she going to explain it. It has nothing to do with you and how and when she explains it. If parents think they’re God and want to pass judgement then whatever, they’ll realize that no one cares but them and it makes them looked a bit obsessed w/ other peoples parenting skills, and then they’re kids are going to start asking them to explain why they can’t play with a certain kid(b/c of who MOMMY is).

    Jen – I do not agree.

  • Tatum

    Jen, It’s I couldn’t care less. Not I could care less.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Jen

    Fine, I’ll go ahead and say it. (And I’m a different Jen, by the way.)

    JJ is a woman whose sex life is documented for all the world to see. It doesn’t really matter if you think it’s no big deal, or if porn isn’t a big deal, but the bottom line is that her child, her flesh and blood, will be affected by it some day.

    I do not understand how women think their past is no big deal to their child! Are you kidding me? I would absolutely die inside if my child knew some of the things I did as a stupid girl in my early 20’s. And my past pales in comparison to JJ’s.

    But the good news for me is that my life and body wasn’t documented on film and sold in adult video stores. It’s foolish and naive to think future generations are unaffected by their parent’s choices. Ask a child of an alcoholic if they’re unaffected by their parent’s choice to drink. I’m willing to bet that JJ’s decision to have sex with anyone and anything, and on camera to boot!, will have an effect on her child some day.

  • Bianca

    I agree with Jen.

    And the whole slew of comments with the theme of “don’t push your morals on us” is so hypocritical. The very act of trying to suppress Jen’s comments or intimidate her to retract or correct them, or put words in her mouth she never said is YOUR way of pushing YOUR opinions on those who have a moral stance against pornography! I am speaking for myself here because I don’t presume to know Jen’s stance on porn.

    Just because an opinion isn’t popular doesn’t mean it’s not valid.

  • Jen

    Bianca and Jen (other) Thank You

    The world is full of hypocrites lol Just one of those many things that you have to get used to in the world.

    Antigonie and Tatum — wow your maturity really showed through on your posts, congratulations. I find it highly amusing that I wasn’t trying to attack anyone over an opinion nor was I trying to correct their grammar. Tatum, you must have been desperate for an insult on that one. lmao

    As for this story, I DO hope that everything goes well for Jenna’s pregnancy. I know how hard it is to lose a child during pregnancy and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I also hope that all goes well in the future for her and her family.

    #13, Nicole — It’s sad, yes, but there are people out there that would say something to the child, or to their children, about a parents past choices. Which is why I was curious as to if she plans on explaining it or not. Better it come from her and not someone else.

  • Susannah

    “But the devout Catholic — who has tried in vitro — told Us, “It was all in God’s plan.”

    Devout Catholic??? I bet the priests all fought to get to hear her confessions!! 😉

  • Cee

    Ok she’s a porn star yeah yeah…. but does anyone notice how big his head is. Her career is over now.

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