Vin Diesel On Fatherhood: “It’s A Beautiful, Beautiful Thing”

Tough guy Vin Diesel rose to stardom playing in macho action flicks like The Fast and the Furious and XXX. His latest project is being daddy to a baby girl with 24-year-old model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez. Vin recently sat down with Parade and dished on how much he’s enjoying fatherhood.

On how many people were surprised about the news he had a daughter: “Yes. I guess it’s because of all the tough guys I’ve put on the screen. People go, ‘You’re a dad? You’re changing diapers? What’s up with the world?’ But someone once told me that, when you have a child, it opens up parts of your heart that you never knew existed. And it is so true. It’s like you have a child and you think, ‘Everything that I’ve done up until this point is insignificant in comparison to being a father.’ It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.”

On if having a child was a spur of the moment decision: “No, I remember while I was doing Pacifier, working with babies on the set for so long, it really started to bring out this desire to have a child. And it took a couple years after that to find the right person and to hopefully be mature enough to be a great father which is really all you want to do. It’s amazing how it becomes your primary focus. ‘Am I going to be a good dad?’”

On if he had any doubts entering fatherhood: “Actually, I had a lot of practice growing up. I was the oldest of the children in my family. I had to do a lot of diaper-changing and lunch-making. I was taking my little sister to ballet, picking up my brother, sort of being a super-nanny.”

On how he earned the title “Baby Whisperer” while filming Pacifier: “That’s true. Whenever the babies started crying, they’d call me and I’d walk over and say, ‘OK, I can handle this.’ I’d pick up the baby who was crying and make this little noise, like, ‘Eeeeeee,’ and the baby would stop crying. They actually had some t-shirts made up for the crew that had ‘Eeeeeee’ on them.”

Source: Parade

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, August 20

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  1. Jen

    I was so happy when I read that he had become a father ^^ He was just so sweet with the baby from The Pacifier and seemed like he’d be a fantastic dad! I just can’t help laughing at the thought of when his daughter is older and brings home a boy for the first time……hahahaha That poor poor poor boy lmao

  2. jay

    what’s his daughters name? or does no one knows?!

  3. They haven’t released her name yet.

  4. mMm

    People aren’t suprised that he had a baby because he was a big action star, its because most people out there think he is gay. That’s why it came as a suprise… that he had a baby… with a woman… supposedly the natural way…. Anyways… congrats to him, regardless of hi his sexuality, I’m sure he is going to be a great daddy.

  5. Anonymous

    iam deaf ican talk with my voice so i can babysiiter ur kid smile and teach word sign lanauge and voice


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