Is Jessica Biel Expecting ?

Is Jessica Biel Expecting ?

Source : Flynet

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  • suzan

    Could that be?!?! This is the first time I see on her a bump! With all those workouts is so weird to see it on her!!!

    Cant wait to see if its true!

  • dlock

    Naw, I think its the cut of the dress. My stomach is flat, but when I wear a dress like that, it seems make a small bump. just sayin! But hey everybody else is pregnant!

  • Emily

    highly doubt he knocked her up. It looks like the cut of the dress… but only time shall tell!

  • gia

    who isnt getting knocked up these days in hollywood? i wouldnt be surprised if she was pregnant. her belly does look a little puffy there & she normally has super abs.

  • Lisa’s hard to say, could be camera angle – I wouldn’t be surprised though!

  • mj

    I highly doubt it.

  • Rachel

    I agree it is probably the cut of the dress. But good heavens, who looks that glowing and beautiful without makeup? Typically pregnant women…

  • Bluezy

    If that’s the cut of the dress she should NEVER wear that dress again. That’s more than a little bump!!

  • Peta

    We’ll see in a few months.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s the dress.

  • candice

    i think she is

  • Beth


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