Matilda Is A Free Spirit!

Michelle and Matilda were playing a game on the sidewalk lines as they walked home from a coffee run – when Matilda decided to give her mom a run for her money. As you can see Michelle kicked it into gear – and quickly caught up to her giggling daughter.

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  • Tanisha

    maybe she should try holding her hand especially when your on the SIDEWALK not in the park

  • V

    she probably was holding her hand, kids can pull away and take off before you can even blink an eye.

  • Nicole

    Someone’s always gotta say something. Kids pull away and their parents catch them all the time.

    Matilda is so cute and that dress is so cute on her!

  • Julie

    I love her ballerina outfit too! :) And i agree with Nicole, people always have to criticize, it’s terrible….

  • Carolyn

    Oh, that is just the cutest picture ever. :)

  • Erica

    I think the people that criticize don’t have kids..cause everyone with kids know that especially with little kids that sometimes a lot of times when your out they pull away and run..and you have to chase them down sometimes..its all about having a kid. Matilda is cute in her little ballerina outfit!

  • Michelle

    Maybe they were racing a few yards or so to a destination and mom gave Matilda a bit of a head start! I’ve played that game with my kids…..who’s going to reach the front door first?

  • Anonymous

    Tanisha, obviously, is not a parent.

    cute picture!!! little stinker! my girls have the same shoes, from old navy. :)

  • Rosy J

    So true, somebody always has to critize. Celebs just can’t win. Why does she always carry that kid? Whats wrong with it’s legs, can’t she make that kid walk? blah..blah..blah. Mostly people without children are the ones making these asinine comments.

    Matilda is so adorable and like any child loves to play “catch me if you can”. So cute, she is.

  • Isbell

    what a cuuuuuuute pic!!!!!!!!!!! haaha i LOOVE that Matilda is loving it menwhile Michelle is running the fastest she can to catch her lol

  • Erica

    I agree Rosy J, my son is the same age as Matilda and me and his dad have become track stars since he started running…when he spots and opening he is GONE but I have lost 25 pounds over the past year because of my active little boy

  • phoenix

    Wow. That kiddo looks a spitting image of her father…..

  • Carolina

    Oh my God, it is so good to see her happy like this! Tjis is the cutest pic ever!

  • Anonymous

    She’s going to be tall when she grows up!

  • Peta

    I’ve pulled this stunt with my mum many times. *giggles* I know karma’s going to get me back for it some day, but I was a child and children sometimes do crazy things like this.

  • Anonymous

    She reminds me so much of her daddy.

    Instead of criticizing Michelle, why not be happy that the little girl is SMILING, free of worries? It’s good for her to be happy, especially after all she’s been through and the future stress she will deal with.

  • lk8

    cutest photo ever! my non-mom friends keep asking how i got so skinny after having my kids… well, it was about a million moments like this one right here! i wish i had a photo like this to show!

  • Pam

    Heath is laughing from above. The little one is just like him, cheeky.

  • fee

    Hahaha Any parent will understand what is happening in this pic – one minute they’re right next to you then POW – They’re off! My boy is in this phase at the minute, he’s gone from refusing to walk at all to refusing to JUST walk and not run……, gotta love em!

  • Kieryan

    Aww this is such an adorable photograph. It is delightful to see Matilda so happy :O) She is such a beautiful girl. What kid doesn’t run away from their parents from time to time!! its fun. LOL

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