The Perks Of Being Ricky Martin’s Surrogate

TMZ has a bit more info about the mother of Ricky Martin’s twin sons – and they’ve apparently done some deep digging!

According to their sources, the twins’ surrogate is a 26-year-old woman who works for an agency that matches up surrogates to prospective parents. This pregnancy was her third – and this set of twins was her second.

Before the twins’ birth, Ricky and the surrogate only met a couple of times, and their contact was mostly through email and over the phone. He was there for the twins’ birth in San Diego.

The surrogates’ medical bills were paid in full, and she recieved a weekly massage and a housekeeper.

Supposedly, Ricky was at first disappointed to learn he was having twins, but soon got over it – and the surrogate considers him nice and generous.

Source: TMZ

Photo: The Insider

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  • Antineah

    Does someone know the twin’s names, I saw a picture of them in the French magazine “Public”, and they are so cute, and seem to be 6 or 7 months old, but it was so strange that the article doesn’t mention the babies names and ages.

  • Keira

    It would be nice if everyone would just back off now and let this father raise his sons. Who cares about any of the rest. Time to move on.

  • nosoupforyou

    Keira, why are you here then? This is celebrity babies site.

  • coco

    he was dissapointed for what? sorry i don’t get it. he wanted just one or more than two kids?

  • Isbell

    I agree with Kiera.

  • Katrina

    He was probbaly just overwhelmed and it got blown out of proportion. They thought I was having twins at first, and even though ecstatic, i was definitly nervous and anxious as well.

  • Carol

    TO Antineah – September 1, 2008 @ 8:19 am – you are mistaken! Pictures of Ricky Martin’s twins have not yet been released. I am guessing the picture you saw of Ricky holding two babies was a picture of him taken when he visited Cambodia earlier this year and he spent time at a centre for victims of trafficking…some of the women there had young children and babies and Ricky was photographed holding two.
    All the best to Ricky 😉 …he will release news & pictures when he wants to and only if he wants to! He has a life and is thrilled with his twin sons.

  • Jennifer

    They say he is dating Rene Ruiz! I thought he was straight. Oh well

  • victoria

    Imagine growing up never having your mom or even knowing who she is. How awful would that be?

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