James Farrell Is One Loving Little Boy

*photos removed for legal reasons*

Actor Colin Farrell’s almost 5-year-old son, James, arrives at LAX held in the arms of Catherine Farrell, Colin’s sister. The little boy, who was very affectionate with his auntie, was diagnosed with the rare condition Angelman Syndrome –a neuro-genetic disorder– before he reached his first birthday.

Earlier this year, Colin had talked about his son’s condition,

“As far as I’m concerned he’s exactly the way he should be.” The loving father added: “It’s not different to me. He has his own path. He’s just brilliant.”

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  • Nicole

    I can definitely see a little of his dad in him – he must look a lot like his mom.

    I was so impressed with Colin when he started talking about his son – I liked him before but I started to respect him, too.

  • Julie

    @ Nicole : Mom is model Kim Bordenave. I think James is a mix of his parents.

  • Fingerhut

    This is as big of Colin and his family to show the child. Thanks Colin! Thanks his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Colin is the best father !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brad is necessary to show his perfect children. He needed the help of Pax and Maddox to support his films. This is wiederlich and dirty from him. Brad accepted only perfect children.

  • Jen

    I don’t see how this has anything to do with Brad Pitt and his children :/

    As a parent to a child with special needs, I understand completely what Colin is saying. I could not picture my son any other way and love him as is. It’s what he said, he’s exactly how he should be ^^

  • Nicole

    You can’t advertise a film that is playing at a FILM FESTIVAL. Ugh, stop bringing Brad and Angelina into everything.

  • Amanda

    ok I dont get what you mean saying Brad only wants perfect children?Where on earth did that come from?Brad and Angie would love their children just the same if they did have something wrong with them,who says they wouldn’t?

  • iphygenia

    james is the sweetest child.thanks for sharing these pics,i’m looking forward seeing more of him

  • hassosehr

    Not the number of children is important. What is important is the care and care of children. It does Colin. It does not Brad. He has Nannys. Brad is only posing with the children.

  • Nicole

    Yeah, Brad’s posing practically every day with his kids. He takes them places, carries them everywhere, but he’s just POSING so that people like YOU will think he’s a great father. And I’m sure Colin’s got a nanny or two himself – who do you think watches his kid when he’s doing movies?

  • bin zynisch

    Brad uses his children to promote the films. Why were Pax and Maddox in Venice ???????
    Nobody knows about the “new” film by Brad. But with the children he gets attention.

    Now he has Zahara in Toronto. Why he is not alone in Toronto ??????????

  • Nicole

    That little plane that Brad used when he and Zahara flew out of Cannes is from a company that does European flights only – it wouldn’t even make it to Toronto.

    And I don’t know where you’ve been, but there have been pictures all over the place since late 2007 of Brad filming “Burn After Reading” so I don’t know where you’re getting the “no one knows about it.”

    So what, he’s not allowed to take his kids on a little trip? I can maybe understand if you were talking about the actual movie premiere, but the Venice Film Festival isn’t something you can promote. Brad’s movie made no money at the festival, sorry. And there were actually more pictures of just Brad that came out of Venice than there were of Brad and the kids, so he didn’t even NEED the boys.

  • Antineah

    What you say about Brad is therefore offensive and ridicule.
    First, what has Brad to do with this history?
    I admire Colin because he has taken his responsibilities with his son, as I admire brad because he has adopted of some orphans.
    Second, why do you need to put brad down because Colin’s son is ill? And what does it means that brad only accept perfect children? Do you think that a parent chooses of having an ill son? If Colin has been able to choose, he sure would have chosen to have a healthy son, like every other parent would have done. But these are not things that one chooses, this kind of things just happen, and parents have to face. And if it had been a problem with his sons, brad would have faced it, like Colin has made, and like every other good father would have make.
    Third, do you know what kind of life would zahara have had, if she were growing in Africa, being born from an outside wedding relationship? She would have been refused and despised, poorer of the poor ones.
    And how do you know what kind of fathers these two are? Do you know them?

    Why does he take some children with him when he travels? Because they have 6 children including 2 newborns, and that probably gives Angie some help, and it’s not because he is famous that he doesn’t have the right to spend some time with his child out of the house.
    Do you also know that Brad, Clooney and some others stars are supporting the Los Angels public minister to make vote a law which prohibits the paps to take pics of the famous children?
    This is just amazing; some people are so pathetic with their hate for this family!!!
    You have the right to not love them, but you know what? You also have the right to ignore them.

  • Jen

    Well said, Antineah. I totally agree with you on the reasoning beyond Brad having the children with him. I’m a mother of four boys and my husband and I almost always take one or two of them with us when we go somewhere without the other. This helps take some of the chaos off the other parent. I cannot even begin to imagine having 6 children, two of which are newborns even WITH nannies!!

    Bringing Brad Pitt into this article, in the first place, was silly as this was about Colin Ferrall and his son. It had nothing, at all, to do with Brad or his children.

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