Marcia & Twins Take A Stroll

Marcia & Twins Take A Stroll

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  1. luloo

    again pushing eden….

  2. Nicole

    It does seem a bit odd, now that I think about it, doesn’t it?

  3. T

    I’m sorry, do you see Marcia Cross on a daily basis to know how she treats her children? Do you have twins? Ok then…

  4. Nicole


    Since there are times we pretty much see pictures on a daily basis, I think I can safely say that I most often see her holding Eden or pushing Eden. I didn’t say she didn’t love both of them, or was a bad mom, but I see her with Eden most often. That just seems odd. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  5. luloo

    Exactly. I never said she was a bad mom and no I am not the mother of twins, however, since we do see them on pretty much a daily basis doing pretty mundane things and she consistantly has Eden then it does make me curious. I have never seen her other kid on a mommy and me outing, have you T? In fact i dont even know the other kids name because I only ever hear about Eden.

  6. Jaye

    Luloo there have been photos of Marcia and Savannah together. There is one in particular of a Mommy & Me, they shared together at the library. I have also seen pictures of Marcia holding Savannah at the park or at the fountains. If you can’t find them here than search other celebrity baby blogs, but I believe I have seen them on here as well.

  7. luloo

    Well I am sorry that i don’t have all day to puruse celebrity blogs all day long, I am only commenting on what I have noticed here.

  8. T

    I guess I just find it disgusting how people comment on celebrities negatively when that is not the purpose of this website. I love to see the cute pics of Violet and others and although I believe in freedom of speech, as a mom of twin daughters this comment rubbed me the wrong way.

  9. Lala

    I don’t think Luloo was commenting negatively, just pointing something out. I have noticed the same thing with Marcia. Maybe eden is more needy and maybe Savannah dosen’t need as much attention as her sister, but it is kinda weird…..can you say that you are consistently with one of your twins rather than the other T?


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