Francesca Bateman Holds On Tight

Jason Bateman’s daughter Francesca, 22 months, had a birds eye view of Coldwater Park on Labor Day. Mom, Amanda Anka was close by – and so were fellow celebrities – Sara Gilbert and daughter Sawyer, and Jack Black with his family.

Photo: Fame

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  • Isbell

    Awwwwwwwwww <3

    She is soooo daddy’s little girl.

  • Tiffany

    She is so ADORABLE. Like a little doll

  • Natalie

    I didn’t realise how much she looks like daddy until this pic! Adorable xx

  • Mary

    She is the cutest little thing….and the curly hair, love it.

  • Cari

    In a word? Scrumptious.

  • Rinoa

    I think she is honestly one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen!

  • anne

    Yay!!! There’s my girl again . . . (Jason’s certainly got many fine qualities, too!)

  • Nicole

    She truly is a gorgeous child!! Like a little doll, so cute.

  • Dea

    she’s a cutie patootie! I think she is the cutest tot in Hollywood

  • Theresa

    I agree…definately adorable…the curls…the cheeks…the eyes…can’t wait to see her as she gets older…

  • Erica

    She is a cute and you know she will look alot like Jason’s sister Justine when she grows up they have some strong genes!

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