Jennifer Garner’s Growing Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner's Growing Baby Bump

Jennifer Garner’s baby bump has officially popped! The pregnant actress strolls through Los Angeles as she runs errands with her 2-year-old daughter, Violet, on Wednesday.

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  1. Rosy J

    Pardon my ignorance, but when the belly button pops out, does that mean one has officially popped? At what point does it pop out? I noticed that Naomi Watts’ belly button has also popped. She is really pregnant now. I wonder when she is due?

  2. Nicole

    Rosy J, Naomi is due sometime this winter, probably December. Us Weekly reported that she was 4 months pregnant in July.

  3. Cari

    She could also have her belly-button pierced and just hasn’t taken it out yet.

  4. Pencils

    Rosy J–I think it’s just a joke. Not everyone’s belly button pops. Mine didn’t, or hasn’t, and I’m 38 weeks and HUGE. ;)

  5. @ Rosy J: yes, Pencils is correct. It was more of a joke….and not all belly buttons pop out. Mine certainly is (I’m 33 wks along). It just seems Jen’s baby bump suddenly popped out overnight.

  6. Lily

    Ok – what is Jen wearing? She has the 80′s maternity style going on

  7. Helena

    I don’t have a problem with her style. I wore a t-shirt and hipster jean most of the time and for the belly bottom popping out it doesn’t seem to be a problem to me. It shows a perfect healthy pregnant woman and baby.

  8. Jo

    “She could also have her belly-button pierced and just hasn’t taken it out yet.”

    Do you mean Jennifer? If you do, she doesn’t have her belly-button pierced – she doesn’t even have her ears pierced!


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