Nicole & Sunday Rose In London

Nicole & Sunday Rose In London

Source : Bauer Griffin / Flynet

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  1. Isbell

    Im so curious to se how she looks like, And Im really happy for Nicole for finally having her child that she always wanted =)

    When you hear about people who can’t have their own children you start to appreciate the fact that you can have that, 1000 times more.

  2. Convent garden is so pretty. I remember the last time I was there – there are lots of little shops: soap stores, bakeries etc. Baby Rose’s sling is very cute, looks like linen with embroidery.

  3. ivy

    this is the third time we’ve seen that sling, the celebrities really like it. the site did a ‘get the look’ post on it if you’re looking for one.

  4. Rosy J

    I can’t wait to see a pic of Sunday Rose. I bet she is adorable.


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