Cheryl Cole Ready To Start A Family

Cheryl Cole Ready To Start A Family

Singer of the band Girls Aloud and judge of British TV show The X Factor Cheryl Cole is ready to start a family with Chelsea footballer husband Ashley Cole – despite him allegedly cheating on her with a single mother named Aimee Walton.

‘I want to start working on that baby,’ she says. ‘I’ve been broody since I was about 16. I’d love to have a big family.’

And friends add that their marriage is back on track,

‘It’s just like the good old days for Cheryl and Ashley,’ a pal tells the Sunday People. ‘[It] finally looks like her trust in him has been restored.’

Cheryl, 25, and Ashley, 27, married in 2006.

Source: Now Magazine

Photo: Pacific Coast News, August 14, 2008

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  1. Cari

    Once a cheater, always a cheater…but it’s her decision. She just shouldn’t be shocked when it happens again.

  2. Anonymous

    hopefully this won’t be a “band-aid” baby.


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