Keri & River Go For A Sunday Stroll

Keri & River Go For A Sunday Stroll

Actress Keri Russell and her son River go for a stroll near their Brooklyn home on Sunday.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. gia

    did she cut her hair again??

  2. e

    he is so cute!

  3. his eyes are huge but he’s still a cutie pie

  4. Caroline

    they’re one of my favorites, so adorable. I have hair long like hers and am tempted to chop it to a bob too (so hot where we live) but I know I’ll regret it.:)

  5. Brandy

    River is the cutest thing – OMG!!

  6. Katrina

    lol hes a big boy now and makes her look waifishly thin. That outift is really unflattering though, makes her look odd shaped when she isnt

  7. Bluezy

    Those are called Mom Jeans (or Mom shorts). My mom used to wear them… the 80′s!! LOL I don’t mean to sound rude, but does he have down syndrome? I’m just curious. I’ve never heard anything said about anything being wrong with him but he has that look.

  8. Bluezy – I know you’re not being rude, no he doesn’t have down syndrome. If you compare pictures – he looks a lot like his dad Shane Deary


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