Tobey Maguire Keeps His Priorities Straight

The Spiderman franchise has been lucrative for actor Tobey Maguire, but he almost gave it up over a single contractual disagreement – over daughter Ruby Sweetheart, 22 months. The Times Online reports that Maguire was willing film Spiderman 4 and 5 back-to-back over a 6-month period next year – but only if Sony agreed to early mornings and evenings off so he could play with his “favourite blonde”.

However, Sony, who owns the rights to the Spiderman franchise, is supposedly wary of allowing “family time” for fear it would set a precedent, and Maguire was almost replaced. Finally, the company chairman, a mommy herself, Amy Pascal, stepped in saying that “six months without family time would not be fair on any parent.”

“Tobey admits he is obsessive-compulsive about everything he does, and raising Ruby is no different,” a friend said last week. “There’s no way Tobey would allow work, no matter how well paid, to get between him and Ruby, and Sony realised that.”

Source: The Times Online

Photo: Fame, July 30

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  • mj

    that’s very sweet. he seems like a great father.

  • Lala

    Yay Toby! Heaven forbid it set a precent of spending time with your family.

  • Lori

    Yea, Sony! Thanks for doing the right thing!

  • Isbell

    Thats sweet =).

  • Sherry

    Finally a GOOD precedence being set in Hollywood! Good for Jennifer and Toby and blessed little Ruby Sweetheart.

  • Katrina

    i wasnt sure how i felt on her cuteness before.. but my god, I think shes ADORABLE now. Her little face is precious

  • dea

    she definitely is a mommy’s girl to a tee! and she still has that cute baby fat arms..

  • belicoso

    What a refreshing point of view…putting your child before the money. If Toby could only host seminars on this topic and invite shameless child exploiting parents like Joe Simpson, Dina Lohan and Larry Birkhead then we might see a less reprehensible style of Celebrity-Parenting. Or perhaps he could talk some sense into the gossip mags and get them to stop offering multi-million dollar sums for the rights to an infant’s first photo-shoot. Who am I kidding…..but it’s still nice to see someone with good values take a stand.

  • Cords

    Way to go Tobey…you let them know what is important! Family comes 1st period!

    I love when I hear things like this it makes me smile! :)

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