Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Grace @ Disney Event

Toys R Us in Times Square rolled out the red carpet this weekend for a star-studded Disney event – the Preschool Toys and Electronics Launch Party on Saturday. Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her daughter Grace, 3, arrived in Volkswagen’s all new 7-passenger Routan minivan.

Photo: Wire Image

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  1. Anonymous

    Not to be rude, but, Elisabeth looks so small next to Grace. It looks like Grace should be carrying her mom.
    Im sure its just a bad angle but it looks so weird.

  2. Anonymous

    Well she certainly got her father’s genes.

  3. Leandra

    That is a large child! She looks like she is dwarfing Elizabeth.

  4. dea

    I think it’s the photo angle or the type of lens the photog is using (a fishbowl effect) that makes the subject bigger than the background.

  5. marion

    this little girl looks like she has more going for her than her mother, look at the serious look on her face.


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