First Pictures of Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

The Daily Mail has managed to land the first shots of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s almost 3-month-old daughter Sunday Rose! The little girl was dressed in a pretty pink dress and her mom took her out for a walk in London.

Head on over to see the pictures, including a close-up!

She’s beautiful isn’t she?

Sunday was born on July 7, 2008, in Nashville, Tennessee, and she weighed 6 lbs. 7.5 oz.

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  • Lori

    Wow! What a sweet baby!! Genetics are amazing!! She looks to me like a mini Nicole, from that angle I really didn’t see Keith in there. But I’m sure she will change more and more as she grows.

    Another thing that struck me was how long she looks, but i guess that’s also par for the course, since her parents are pretty tall. Congrats to N&K!

  • Isbell

    she’s soo cute, and she got blond hair too just as mommy. Well mommy kinda have red hair..

  • Theresa

    Get that baby a coat!!! Lately everytime we have seen Nicole out with Sunday…Nicole is all bundled up…hat, sweater and coat…and poor Sunday is without a coat or hat etc. They are in London…it’s not warm…clue in mommy!

  • Amanda

    I’m sure if Sunday needed a jacket or blanket Nicole would have had it,they probably just came from inside and Sunday was already warm.So chill people she’s Nic and Keith’s daughter not ours,we can’t parent Sunday.

  • G

    Sunday Rose is beautiful baby and I too think thet she will be tall.

    I have said this before and will probably say again, we can’t see whole truth from one picture. I admit that if they are outside walking i.e. she should dress her more warmly, but how do we know that she hasn’t just picked her up from carseat or troller with blankets.

  • Tammy

    She is adorable.

    I agree, she was probably outside for as long as it takes a camera to flash.

  • ionic

    Babies lose body heat much faster than the rest of us. I don’t for the life of me see how she couldn’t put a hat and jacket on the baby.

  • Will

    Supercute baby!!!How I wish we could see more of her, open your eyes, Sunday!!!!

  • Will

    Wake up little Sunday, you are so lovely!!!!

  • katherine

    It was 70 degrees in London and Sunday was wearing a heavily lined velvet dress with tights.

    Nic wear a hat to cover bad hair and to hide from the press, she wears hats in July. Nic also wears long sleeves in the hottest heat, she’s very serious about exposure to the sun.

    The baby was dressed perfectly.

  • G

    I just looked the original photos in Bayer-Griffin. And it looks like they were out as long as it takes to walk two metres to the car.

  • sadie collins

    she is so beautiful congrats nicole and keith

  • Ang

    I am sooo happy for both Keith and Nicole. They’ve both wanted kids now they have beautiful Sunday. Instead of telling ppl how to parent can we just be happy for ppl. There such a cute couple who stand behind one another. There is sooo much love in that household. Sunday will just be swaddled with love. Nothing wrong with the baby being long. She’ll just be a tall beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see more photos. Congrats to the lovely parents.

  • chelsea caldwell

    i think sunday rose is soooooooooooooooo cute keith and nicole!!!!! PS. good luck!!!!!

  • Jen

    Sunday Rose The cuties Baby in Hollywood….And for you peps whos got problems with way Nic’s dress her baby….get over it….., if they dress there kidz the way they dress them….so what!!! Keep your comments to your self……Let Nic be a mother to her own child…..And any of the other movie Starts……

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