James Morrison Talks About Baby Elsie

“I sing her to sleep, but she cries a lot of the time, she’s like ‘Waaaa!’ and I’m going, ‘Don’t cry baby.’ I don’t sing my own songs to her though, there’s plenty of time for that.”

On nappy (diaper!) changing,

“I taught myself nappies, I’m pretty proud of my nappy changing skills actually.”

Choosing a name,

“My girlfriend was just saying, ‘I want to call her Elsie’, so I just said, ‘Whatever.’ It’s a classic name as well, I think it will see her through until she’s an old lady.”

Source: Real

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  1. Rachel

    I agree on the name! We named our daughter Elyse and we love the name! It’s becoming much more common now then it was when we named our daughter.


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