Matthew, Camila & Levi – The Perfectly Matching Family

Matthew, Camila & Levi - The Perfectly Matching Family

Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves and baby Levi looked like the perfect family as they arrived at Los Angeles Airport in color-coordinated outfits! The handsome couple both dressed very smart: Matthew wearing a black suit, white shirt and sunglasses and Camila wearing black pants, a black jacket and white shoes. Baby Levi was comfy under a black and white blanket, matching his mom and dad.

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  • Rachel

    Props to this beautiful family! Second sighting in a row where they are all dressed fabulously! I am over the beach pics…I prefer this way!

  • Katrina

    They have a fun outdoorsy life, one I wish I could have. I wish theyd put socks on him though, I hate when people bundle babies up and leave their feet exposed

  • Peta

    Not picking a fight or anything, but maybe the baby doesn’t like socks. My mother said that, even as a very young baby, I’d rub them off whenever she put them on. Then again, I live in the tropics. :)

    Maybe a pair of those footie pants (whatever they’re called) would be a better bet.

  • Olivia

    the little feet are so cute!
    Camila looks like she came back from party not as a person who just travelled across the ocean with little baby!

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