Angelina & The Kids Out In NOLA

Angelina & The Kids Out In NOLA

The Jolie-Pitt family is back in New Orleans! Angelina Jolie took kids Pax, who turns 5 next month, Zahara, 3 1/2, and Shiloh, 2, out for a snack run in the neighborhood where they have owned a house since early 2007. How cute are Pax and Zahara holding hands?

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Photos: Bauer/Flynet

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  1. Rosy J

    This is the side of Angie I love. This is her greatest role in life, that of mom.

  2. Isbell

    whoa, is it Brad Im seeing?

  3. Shiloh is utterly gorgeous! I’m always shocked how cute she is. And she has gotten big, look how long her legs are!

  4. Charlene

    I would like the ability to enlarge your pics. Can I double-click and do that, or is there some other way???

  5. Charlene – it’s working now. Just click on the thumb it brings you to another page then you have the ability to make the photo even larger

  6. Elly

    Oh my God! Shiloh is gorgeous…..she’s a mini version of Angie!!
    Zahara is sooooo cute with these outfits!!
    Pax is absolutely handsome….

    I love this family!!
    I’m just missing Maddox and Brad…

  7. liz

    i cant believe she feeds her kids cheetos! with all that money you’d think she could afford healthy junk food for her kids

  8. nikki

    zahara is avery beautiful girl.Pax is handsome, and shiloh is cute with her chubby cheeks

  9. Audrey

    When you a little kid you don’t care what your parents can afford. You want junk. And sometimes if you are lucky, you get it. I doubt Cheetos is a regular part of the diet.

    I think the phrase healthy junk food is an oxymoron.

  10. KDd

    i love this family soo much…. definatly my favorites

  11. Cari

    I *knew* someone was going to comment on the Cheetos!!

    Who cares if they have a bag of Cheetos?? I’m fairly certain her children are healthy and let’s not forget…they ARE her kids. Agree with Audrey – they probably are not a daily food item.

    And please define what “healthy junk food” is.

  12. my favorite shiloh – she is so angelic. looks like a very secure child. love the cheetos!

  13. Lala

    Utterly adorable….But what in the world is Pax wearing?

  14. Antineah

    Really beautiful pics, the girls are super duper gorgeous and tall, and Pax is sooooo cute. I love they casual look, but i would like to see Shiloh in some colored clothes, she is so beautiful.

  15. G

    I love the fact that they almost look like normal family. Children are in clothes that are weather, age and play appropriate. And Angie seems like any other mom.

  16. Ana

    Up until now, I have always thought Shiloh to be the spitting image of Brad, but looking at the main picture, her facial expression looks exactly like one Angelina dons so many times.

  17. Jenna

    They are all soooooooo cute but what is Pax wearing????


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