Happy 8th Birthday Mia Honey!

Name: Mia Honey Threapleton

Birthday: 12 October 2000

Parents: Kate Winslet & Jim Threapleton

Siblings: Half-brother Joe, 4½

Fun facts:

• Kate chose the name Mia as it’s Italian meaning is ‘mine’

• She was born in London but she now lives in New York with her mum, brother and step-dad Sam Mendes.

Kate on Mia,

“”Mia said to me the other day in the car, ‘Mum, I really love your cooking,’ ” Winslet says. “To me it was a sort of incredibly triumphant moment, the fact that she observed that I do cook their meals.”

Visit here to see more of Mia

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  1. gia

    she is a pretty little girl & seems sweet.


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