Shauna Sand & Daughters In LA

Shauna Sand & Daughters In LA

Shauna Sand heads to the the pumpkin patch in Hollywood with her three daughters: Alexandra, 10 1/2, Victoria, 9, and Isabella, 7. I love Shauna’s choice in footwear for the outing! 😉

Photos: Flynet

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  • Theresa

    same footwear as last year when she went to the pumpkin patch…so sad that I know that…but this woman is a disaster…hopefully her girls won’t turn out to be carbon copies of her nastiness!

  • Rinoa

    It’s a shame. I used to find her so pretty…

  • Anonymous

    Let’s all take a moment to look on the bright side…

    she is fully clothed, even wearing layers! if 4 inch hooker heels are the only travesty on this outing, we are in pretty good shape!

  • Nicole

    LOL omg you guys! Wasn’t expecting this!!

  • Peta

    I think she looks great from the ankles up! More ‘stylish mum’ than ‘escort’ this time around.

  • Rinoa

    I have no issues with her shoes, just with how much she has changed her face over the years. I don’t understand why people do it.

  • Amy

    Why is she a “celebrity” exactly?

  • Dea

    Good question Amy, I have no idea who she is except that she has “eccentric” outfits/make-up/ stripper entourage (not the children of course).

  • G

    I checked wikipedia ‘cos I didn’t know who she was. She’s a Playmate, model and actress, but her acting has been quite minor.

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