Katie & Suri Head Home

Katie & Suri Head Home

A serious-looking Suri Cruise, 2, headed home with mom Katie Holmes in New York City this afternoon. Katie’s hands were full with a snack – perhaps ice cream? – and Suri’s were full with a spoon, so a bodyguard carried the little girl’s giraffe.

Photos: Edward Opinaldo/PacificCoastNews.com

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  • http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/?page_id=2 Lisa

    I like how the bodyguard is carrying Suri’s toys. Made me laugh!

  • Sherry

    Suri is cute but in the second photo she looks like the little girl on the front of the Les Miserable poster.

  • Queen of the LaLa Land

    Suri’s fringe is way too long. Once again…
    But (like Lisa said) bodyguard and Suri’s toys made me laugh too. (:

  • Rinoa

    I just want to trim those bangs or clip them back. I hate it when my bangs get too long so I can imagine that it’s annoying for her.

  • G

    She has more than one kind of shoes, hallelujah. And in the second picture her face is priceless. I don’t think that it’s miserable. It’s more thoughtful and maybe it looks a little bit like she thinks “that’s life, no can do”.

  • G

    (forgot that you as english speakers can’t propably know what I mean by no can do. it’s kind of translation for, you can’t help it)

  • Jen

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the hideous flannel that Katie is wearing?? Do you think she added the drawstring herself?

  • Lioness

    You guys, they might be trying to grow her hair out, hence the long bangs… she’s fine, I’m sure. You’d be surprised what kids get used to.

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