Suri Gets A Kiss From Mom

Katie Holmes gives Suri, 2, a big kiss as they head into their apartment building on Monday in NYC.


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  • Hannah

    I hate the fact that the label has been left on the bottom of Suri’s shoe! I HATE that!

  • Kris

    she always has that color shoe on, but now i see she must have mulitiple pairs!

  • Janie

    Suri is adorable! Her skirt is so cute!

  • Joanne

    Do they plan on returning Suri’s shoes? The label was left on.

  • Dea

    Wow Hannah, relax girl, it’s ONLY a label…LOL, now we know she definitely has several identical silver shoes since these ones look like new.

  • Katrina

    She obviously loves those…shes young and likes a pair of shoes, theres nothing wrong with indulging in it. i dont know why people are always up in arms about her shoes. almost every kid had SOME article that they obsessed over

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