Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Suri wears a Juicy Couture Polka Dot Viole Dress – $138 sizes 7-14, $132 sizes 2-6.
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    1. Does anyone else wonder why Suri almost never has a coat or something to cover up? It’s clearly too cold for wearing a short-sleeve dress alone. In mospt pics bot Katie and Tom are wearing sweaters and coats while Suri is in nothing but a dress. Just wondering in anyone else noticed.

    2. Lindsay

      I was JUST thinking the same thing. Suri ALWAYS has bare legs and never a jacket or sweater on. She has to be cold. Poor thing!

    3. She looks perfectly happy to me and not freezing at all.

    4. Anonymous

      My toddler would be overcome with happiness all the time too if she called the shots on her own wardrobe.


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