First Picture of Zuma Rossdale @ A Halloween Party

First Picture of Zuma Rossdale @ A Halloween Party

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani attended Kate Hudson’s Halloween party Saturday night, and they brought along son Zuma, 2 months! While paparazzi only got a glimpse of the back of his head, it’s better than the usual blanket cover, right?


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  1. Jenna

    This is the same party where the cops came by because there was a complaint about the noise?

    Why is it that people feel compelled to take newborns/infants to parties? I was at a rap party once and someone brought their infant. The sound was deafening. I just don’t understand some parents.

  2. mom2two

    I was thinking the same thing! Who really brings their infant to a huge party like this? weird!

  3. Rinoa

    I hate criticizing other parents but I thought the same thing…it seems like newborns really shouldn’t be in an atmosphere like this.

  4. bluezy

    They don’t seem to take him to the park or to restaurants…but they take him to a Halloween Party? Seriously weird!

  5. Dea

    Hmm..maybe it’s the nanny’s day off? :-)


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