Introducing Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale

Click below for more shots of Gwen and also dad Gavin with Zuma!

spl58332_009.jpg spl58332_012.jpg spl58332_024.jpg

Photo: Splash

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  1. Elly

    CUTEEEE! :)

  2. m

    holy moly- SOOOOOOO cute.. a chubby jolly boy.. so freaking adorable.. he’s a big guy!

  3. hannahmumma

    cutie pie…..rolly polly fellow!!

  4. Lala

    he is totally adorable. And she has him rocking the fauxhawk already! :D

  5. Queen of the LaLa Land

    Well isn’t he the most precious baby… (: Such a cute boy.
    But can’t say that he reminds me of Kingston (at this point at least)…. (:

  6. He’s totally adorable!!! He doesn’t look like Kingston to me – I think he looks a lot like his mama

  7. Sophie

    So cute! I don’t think he looks like Kingston at all though what do you think?!

  8. Eleanor

    awwwww so sweet

  9. Natalie

    I think the the picture of just Zuma looks like Kingston. Its Gavin’s nose and lips…so sweet! x

  10. Jenny-Loo

    wow can that family be anymore perfect?? They have two BEAUTIFUL boys and they are beaitful themselves! It looks like Zuma might have his mama’s blond hair!

  11. V

    looks like a cabbage patch kid.

  12. Isbell

    Am I the only one who notest his blue eyes?
    He is cute, but not the cutest ive ever seen.

  13. Zuma looks almost exactly like Kingston did at that age!

  14. Natalie

    Compare these pics of Kingston with Zuma…very alike.

  15. Dea

    Very cute, yes he definitely looks like Kingston. I can see the resemblance. And here is to hoping the parents will not go and sell his pictures to those tabloids like some celebs (cough*J-Lo*cough)

  16. Bee

    Kingston as a baby

    At 2 mos

    They both have cute noses but Zuma for now looks more like Gwen. Can’t wait to compare the brothers as Zuma gets bigger. So cute!


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