Katie Price Out With Children In London

See below for a photo of Katie dressed up to promote the new Katie Price haircare products

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Photo: Flynet

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  • Natalie

    Oh wow, it looks like Harvey has lost weight…he looks really healthy! So cute when he smiles x

  • Laura

    I think it is awesome to see pics of them helping harvey walk instead of just shoving him in the wheelchair for their convenience

  • Cari

    ok, so no one is going to comment on that god-awful outfit?? And I don’t mean her pajamas in the first pic.

    What a great role model she is…

  • Sophie

    She was promoting her hair care range, and the first outfit isn’t her pajamas but her new horse riding outfits


  • Dea

    She is trying to stay relevant in the industry but unfortunately her efforts turned around and bite her in the tushy. They are viewed tacky if not trashy. I think she needs tot take it easy on the oompa-loompa make up.

  • Debsa

    I agree, it’s lovely to see Harvey up and walking…

  • anonymous

    She has so much money…can’t she pay for surgery to have his eye corrected?! It’s such a simple procedure and would probably build his selfesteem.

  • Anonymous

    its not be surgically fixed.. he has an optic nerve disorder

  • Aya

    Does he have an illness? Is he by a different father than the daughter?

  • http://ryo-girl.livejournal.com/ Nicole

    @ Aya –

    Harvey’s father is Sunderland footballer Dwight Yorke. He suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, cognitive delay, hormonal and weight issues.

  • Sophie

    Aya – Yes, adding to Nicole’s comments, Princess is Peter Andre’s daughter

  • Lioness

    Harvey looks like he lost some weight. Both the kids look great. Still looks like she dyes Princess’ hair to me, though…

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