Katie Price Out With Children In London

See below for a photo of Katie dressed up to promote the new Katie Price haircare products

k_price_001.jpg fn_kpricelaunch_003.jpg

Photo: Flynet

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  1. Natalie

    Oh wow, it looks like Harvey has lost weight…he looks really healthy! So cute when he smiles x

  2. Laura

    I think it is awesome to see pics of them helping harvey walk instead of just shoving him in the wheelchair for their convenience

  3. Cari

    ok, so no one is going to comment on that god-awful outfit?? And I don’t mean her pajamas in the first pic.

    What a great role model she is…

  4. Sophie

    She was promoting her hair care range, and the first outfit isn’t her pajamas but her new horse riding outfits


  5. Dea

    She is trying to stay relevant in the industry but unfortunately her efforts turned around and bite her in the tushy. They are viewed tacky if not trashy. I think she needs tot take it easy on the oompa-loompa make up.

  6. Debsa

    I agree, it’s lovely to see Harvey up and walking…

  7. anonymous

    She has so much money…can’t she pay for surgery to have his eye corrected?! It’s such a simple procedure and would probably build his selfesteem.

  8. Anonymous

    its not be surgically fixed.. he has an optic nerve disorder

  9. Aya

    Does he have an illness? Is he by a different father than the daughter?

  10. @ Aya -

    Harvey’s father is Sunderland footballer Dwight Yorke. He suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, cognitive delay, hormonal and weight issues.

  11. Sophie

    Aya – Yes, adding to Nicole’s comments, Princess is Peter Andre’s daughter

  12. Lioness

    Harvey looks like he lost some weight. Both the kids look great. Still looks like she dyes Princess’ hair to me, though…


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