Katie & Suri Are Ready For Halloween

Katie & Suri Are Ready For Halloween

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise get into the Halloween spirit by wearing matching orange dresses. The mother daughter duo stopped by Central Park in NYC today, where Katie pushed Suri on the swing before they left. In place of her coat, Suri had her favorite white blanket wrapped around and held onto her stuffed giraffe.

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  • Rachel

    Was the blanket comment an attempt to help calm people down about her not having a jacket again? lol I don’t have a problem using blankets instead of jackets for quick jaunts between warm places, but for long stints outside, it’s not ideal….especially when it’s not constantly kept in place to keep her warm. I notice a cold little red nose…

  • gini

    I really have no idea what’s going on with Suri’s parents……why they cannot put a coat on that poor little girl or even some tights or leggings. It’s like for the past year or so she has onlybeen seen wearing long dresses and little dress shoes. It’s just weird.

  • Jessica

    I feel this way about all parents that dress warmer than they dress their kids. It is so unfair. Katie is wearing the exact same dress as Suri. Now Katie thought it chilly enough to put leggings and a sweater on. Why not on poor Suri?

  • Csa

    If you want to see how cold it is in NYC just look at how SJP dressed her son. That is how cold it is in Manhattan

    Katie Holmes should take parenting advice from SJP….ITS COLD OUT PUT A COAT ON THAT POOR POOR BABY

  • cheri

    i live in brooklyn, and I can tell you, it was really, really cold today. My kids were wearing sweaters, down coats, and warm hats. Maybe I overdid it a bit, but I would NEVER let my kid out of the house like that. she’s wearing nothing on her legs, and the wind and cold goes straight up the flimsy dress! I think it’s bordering on abuse!!

  • Aubrey

    Thank goodness Katie remembered to put on stockings. Did anyone see the pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker and her son out and about. They have on wool coats and wool hats. Are they not in the same city as Suri and Katie?

  • Peta

    I guess they’re waiting until there’s snow on the ground before Suri gets a coat. Who knows what the reasons are for having her sans warm coverings. *shrugs*

  • Katrina

    i havnt been on the put warmer clothes on the kid you child abuser bandwagon, but i personally think coats for kids 4 and under are ADORABLE! Ive already purchased my daughters coat, and Im waiting with bated breath for her to be able to wear it.. They are sooo cute when bundled up and running along.

    i do think its getting a bit silly that shes still wearing dresses with nothing else, and ive been fairly tolerant about it so far.. Its pretty much november, though, and its obvious shes cold now.. in the past, she didnt look much bothered by the chill, but you can see in these pictures she is.

  • Rinoa

    This is getting nuts! Look at how that man is dressed in the third picture. He’s wearing a coat and maybe a fleece and she is wearing a short sleeved dress…I just don’t get it. I understand if she’s dressing for summer only to get to the car but she is dressed like this while at the park!

  • http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/?page_id=2 Lisa

    Rachel – you made me lol! Really, I don’t quite understand why Suri doesn’t wear a coat. I live in NJ and I was cold outside today in a sweatshirt, so I don’t get how/why she isn’t dressed warmer when going to the park. I’m sure we’ll see a jacket soon.

  • Dea

    Well, we’ll see what happens when the snow hits the ground. But if by then she still wear flimsy /short dresses, that’s bordering child negligence.

  • bubbles deVere

    people! Stop fretting, she is a robot, she does not get cold. At night they keep her in a freezer.

  • Laura

    seriously people in nearly all of the posts you guys whine about she has a blanket, or the parents are carrying a blanket. how is that worse than a coat? body heat is conducted better in a blanket than it is in a coat, so they are actually warmer. it is not that big of a deal if they are going from point a to point b. my daughter refuses to put a jacket on so i use a blanket with her too. whatever works works. it is something so trivial, why are you so judgemental.

  • http://ryo-girl.livejournal.com/ Nicole

    They are not going from point a to point b, they were out playing in the park. And the fact that it happens over and over definitely makes it not “trivial.” Properly dressing your child for the weather is important – she’s not a baby that needs to be swaddled in a blanket, she’s a child that wants to run around and play, and she needs to be dressed weather appropriately. It doesn’t take a genius to put a coat on a kid, or even stockings or a long-sleeved dress!

    I want to see what happens when it starts snowing in NYC.

  • Cords

    You go Nicole @ 2:08am…I agree with you 100% 😉

  • http://ryo-girl.livejournal.com/ Nicole

    LOL, thank you Cordds 😉

  • Beth

    ahahhahahahahah @ bubbles deVere…… LOL !!

  • Amy

    My point is this, if someone can call CPS on Britney Spears, why not on Tomkat? I live in Ohio and I know that we have had some really cold days here where my sitter has had the kids outside playing and I feel negligent if I do not have a hat and gloves for them along their heavy coats, if not my 1 year old’s hands would have been like icicles! Plus, they have such cute tights and leggings now for little girls, why wouldn’t you want to put those on, I think it looks ugly to have bare legs and feet on a little girl when they are wearing dress shoes!

  • http://no Rabia

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