Last Day To Enter: Giveaway Zoobie Pets

We are giving away one Jumbo Zoobie, 2 regular and 2 babies! Also exclusive to our readers is a 20% discount from your entire order until December 1, 2008. All you need to do is enter CBS as a coupon code at checkout.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite Zoobie pet and 5 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends Wednesday, November 5th at 7 P.M. EST. Entries are open to US residents only. Good luck!

Congratulations to the winners of our Little Stamp Company giveaway: Steph, Rachel, Lindsay and Kam!

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  • JenR

    I cannot pick just one…Jafaru and Hadu are totally adorable, but really all of them are! What a great product!

  • Jenny-Loo

    What A great idea! I LOVE the little Lion. Hes adoeable, the blankets look so comfortable too.

  • V

    awwww… PING the panda is so adorable! these are all totally cute.

  • Destiny

    My daughter loves her some monkeys, so she would love the Orazio!

  • Jean Maguire

    These are sweet. I think the lion is my favorite.

  • persia

    these are ADORABLE!! i so need one for my nephew for christmas! my favorites are the tiger, panda and lion!!!

  • mom2two

    These are sooo cute! I really like the Lion and the Hippo

  • Abby

    The lion is so cute! My kids would love one of the blankets.

  • Lisa

    WOW – ellema, poallu and mashaka are ADORABLE but I think my heart belongs to Lencho :)

  • ivy

    alligator is my favorite

  • rebecca

    DEFINTELY Ellema the Elephant….

  • Jenn

    Ahhhh, I have twins and they love monkeys and frogs. So I love Orazio and Tama (closest thing to a frog and sooooo cute).

  • Diane

    ZULU the zebra is my favorite! They’re all too cute!

  • Penny

    I must agree, the lion is adorable!! Santa may just have to bring one of these for Christmas!

  • Lisa

    Love the cute little lion!

  • Joanne

    Their all great but my children’s favorites are Hada the Hippo, Gogo the Monkey and Rhanxma the Rhino.

  • ellery

    Oh, I love the lion. My son would LOVE this. :)

  • Erika

    My little girls love the lions.

  • Aubrey

    Adorable! My son is saying he loves the lion, and is now roaring thanks to that, lol, my little girl would love the pink hippo. :)

  • Lorie

    I love the Koala Bear!! These are so great! :0)

  • Valerie

    I think those are so adorable and my daughter would love one of those.

  • E Roach

    My favorite is Gogo! These are such a great product.

  • Sam

    My favorite is Tama the turtle.

  • L

    These are really cute! My daughter and I often travel 5-ish hours to visit my parents – this would be great especially for the winter trips. Since my daughter is currently infatuated with the Eric Carle book “I Can Do It”, and especially loves beating her chest, I’d have to go with GoGo. Too cute!

  • Rachel

    i love the turtle i am obsessed with turtles its my sons nickname b/c when i broght him home from the hospital he was already holding his head up so my fater in law said he looks like a turtle and ever since then hes been turtle boy. he was even a turtle for halloween on his first. and to this day his grandfather only calls him turtle boy almost 3 yeras later

  • Kim

    I love them all, but Gamba is the best!

  • Keri

    Wow! These are all so cute!!!!!!!

  • gia

    love the lion & croc…adorable!

  • Amelia

    They’re all very cute, but I have to go with my usual turtle, so Tama the Tortoise is my favorite.

  • Amanda

    I keep going back to Ellema the Elephant, I love the soft blue color. Amanda

  • Janet F

    I love Ellema!

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Kerri

    So cute, I love Jafaru because my baby girl loves giraffe’s!

  • Heather

    I also have two favorites: Tama the turtle (my son loves turtles) and Khimba the Koala & baby Kai (my daughter is due in March and her middle name is Kai) – I definitely see these being under the tree at Christmas

  • Helene Lustig

    They are all so adorable…but we like Jafaru the giraffe the best.

  • jillian la serna

    We are in love with pandas at our house. My son took to them on a trip to the SD Zoo

  • Anne

    Love the Lion!!

  • paula

    Hada de Hippo is soooooo cute !!!!

  • Krista

    These are adorable. I can’t choose as a favorite between Poallu the Polar Bear or Hada the Hippo. They are both super cute. I know that my daughter would love one of these.

  • gisela

    My kids love Jafaro the jiraffe.
    It’s a very unique product, great idea !!!

  • Rebecca

    I love Kojo the croc!

  • KayR

    They are all so cute, but I think Poallu, Ellema, and Zulu are so cute and would be perfect for my neice or nephew.

  • lily

    Wow! There are way more than I thought there’d be…I love Hada the Hippo and Bobo the Monkey.

  • Michele P.

    I like Ping the Panda!

  • rachel crisman

    Ellema is my favorite for sure!!!!!!!!!!! I want it!!!

  • Bluezy

    Our favorite is Lencho the Lion!

  • Jacqueline

    The little pink hippo is the cutest!

  • Sara

    These are so cute – very hard to decide on a favorite, but I would have to choose Tama the Tortoise.

  • tara

    They are all so adorable, my favorite 2 are the lion and the giraffe. Both are so precious!

  • Karyn

    My daughter is obsessed with Monkeys so I would go with Mashaka the Monkey.


  • JenniferR

    The lion is also so adorable!

  • Lily

    Gotta love that Hada the Hippo!

  • Rebecca

    Kojo the croc is my favorite

  • Chelsea

    Ping the Panda is adorable.

  • lisa

    My favorite is the lion who can resist that face looking at you and how cute to be able to cuddle and bundle up on cold nights. I would love one for myself.

  • Lisa

    The lion would go great in my son’s safari-themed room!

  • Raqchel

    Wow my nephew loves lions, he would love that lencho the lion hes just to cute.

  • Jacqueline

    I love Hadu the pink hippo :)

  • Destiny

    My daughter loves monkeys, so she would love the Orazio!

  • Destiny

    Orazio! For sure!

  • Amy

    We love the lion!


  • leah

    cuteness overload! i’m partial to the croc… so bright!

  • Joanne

    We also love Ellema the Elephant, Lencho the Lion & Kojo the Croc.

  • Lyndsey

    These are so incredibly cute! I love that this website informs me on these great baby products I would have never otherwise known about! I want to order one for my soon to be son and for my niece. I don’t know how to pick my favorite, they are all adorable. Ellema the elephant is very cute along with Lencho the Lion!! I think I will start buying these as baby gifts!! Such a cute little product and great idea!! Very unique gift giving opportunity as well!! Thanks!!!

  • bethanie

    just love Jafaru the giraffe!! so cute!

  • lk8

    so cute, my son would flip for this! i like the alligator or the giraffe the best. :)

  • Amelia

    Tama the Turtle is my favorite!

  • Rachel

    So cute! I love the polar bear, panda, or the lion! :)

  • Bianca

    oh my goodness I normally don’t enter these competitions but I thought I would for this one – my son Lachlan would go nuts over Kojo the crocodile zoobie – he loves to wrestle his stuffed animals!

  • Jen Strain

    Loving the lion, so cute!

  • Katy

    We love Hada the Hippo!

  • Pam

    We are loving the turtle. What a great invention.

  • Susan Enriquez

    I have 2 kids so either Khimba or Kojo. They are all too adorable.

  • Rebecca

    We love Kojo the croc!

  • Lisa

    The lion is my favorite!

  • Sarah Jarrett

    I love the Lion!!!

  • Mary Jenkins

    I have been wanting to get Hada for my daughter forever now! These are darling!

  • Joanne

    They are all so cute, colorful and look so soft. This is a great giveaway and any of them would make a good gift.

  • JenniferR

    My daughter is in love with Hada the hippo–of course because it is pink!

  • Jacqueline

    Hadu the hippo is my favorite!

  • tara

    I absolutely love Lencho the Lion, soooo cute. My daughter would adore him if we won :)

  • Carla Pullum

    I like the Ellema The Elephant!!!

  • leah

    the croc i think makes for the best pillow!

  • Kristine M.

    I think Ellema is my favorite but, they are all v cute!


    my son loves lions, he says RAWR when he sees them on tv so the LION is my pick!!!! soo cute!!

  • kate

    The alligator is super cute!

  • Rebecca

    My daughter and I love Kojo the croc.

  • rachel crisman

    Ellema the elephant has my heart! I love her.

  • Heather

    I love Tama the Turtle and Khimba the Koala & Baby Kai. These are wonderful.

  • Chelsea

    Ping the Panda

  • Alicia

    Oh I love Taj…my son loves “kitty, kitties!”

  • Jaime Christman

    They are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love the Lion the best!!!!!!!! They look so soft and snuggly warm!!!!!!!!

  • JenR

    I love them all, but my daughter especially loves Hada the hippo…of course because it is pink!!

  • Amelia

    My favorite is Tama the Turtle

  • kellylynn

    My boy would absolutely LOVE Jafaru.

  • bluezy

    We love Lencho the Lion!

  • Joanne

    Their all great but my children’s favorites are Hada the Hippo, Gogo the Monkey and Rhanxma the Rhino.

  • Angela

    My daughter would love this!! I think all of them are adorable, but I love the panda!

  • KK

    I love the turtle for my baby girl that is coming in January… :)

  • Mary

    I would love to be entered in this great contest.
    The lion is my favorite Zoobie pet.
    Have a great day!


  • Lorie



  • Amanda C

    I love these!! I would love GoGo for my lil monkey :)

  • Thea

    I love Jafaru the Giraffe! My daughter loves Giraffes and would really like this for Christmas maybe!

  • Jessica C

    I love Hada the hippio

  • Robyn

    I love the aligator….all are cute!

  • Jenny-Loo

    I love the Monkeys~!!!

  • Jacqueline

    I want the hippo!

  • Jenniferd

    What a great product! I really like Orazio the Orangutan! What a great gift idea!

  • Kristin

    They are all adorable but I like the lion, the panda and the alligator.

  • Lisa

    My boy would love the Lion!

  • Victoria

    I absolutely LOVE the lion!!!

  • Destiny

    I think Orazio would be a much love addition for my 18 month old.

  • Carrie

    These are precious. We are adopting a baby boy, hopefully this summer, and doing his room all in Giraffes! So cute. What a great addition it would be!

  • Luxe

    The Orazio is so cute. My nephew would love it.

  • marion hilaire

    The Lion is my favorite one!

  • Daina

    It’s a toss-up between Ellema and Hada

  • Chelsy

    They’re all undenialbly cute! I really like Lencho.

  • Robyn

    I think the Lion is absolutely adorable, oh my word.

  • Jodi Pelot

    this is so cute! such a great idea!! i love tama, taj and khimba! such a simple idea turned into something amazing!

  • leah

    the croc would go well with the nursery for my nephew. :)

  • Kathy

    Just love Lencho the Lion! My little granddaughter would really adore him!

  • Emma

    Zoobie pets look fabulous fun with a great novelty value. The toy which turns into a cuddley friend….wonderful! What a great idea.

    I know my 2 year old Amelie would love the pink hippo as she has a hippo on her peg at nursery and Sophie my eldest loves giraffes so that’s easy! They are all so lovely though, the crocodile and lion are also lovely.

  • Kristin

    So cute – love the lion!

  • KellyB

    I love love love the turtle. How adorable!!

  • Rebecca

    Kojo the croc is my favorite!

  • Cassie

    My son LOVES pandas – gotta be PING.

  • Joanne

    My children also love Ellema the Elephant, Lencho the Lion & Kojo the Croc.

  • Kacey

    After perusing the website for the better part of an hour, my favorite has to be Tama the Tortoise! I love how the animal has so many inviting colors, especially purple! I know my daughter would love any one of the Zoobies – I bookmarked the page for Christmas ideas!

  • Destiny

    My daughter loves monkeys and would LOVE to cuddle with orazio!

  • Heather

    Although all are so adorable, Tama the Turtle and Khimba the Koala & baby Kai are my favs.

  • Jenny-Loo

    ping the panda is adorable! They have super cute stuff~ love it!

  • Nicole Lancia

    I love Rhaxma…this product is too cute.

  • Kate

    I love Orazio!

  • Summer

    They are all so cute, my favs are Hada the Hippo and Kojo the Croc!! SO CUTE!

  • Marlee

    I love Orazio!!! So cute!

  • persia

    aww! the lion is ADORABLE!

  • Chani

    My little one would love Hada the hippo the best!!

  • Jacqueline

    My girl loves hippos, so I want Hadu :)

  • Jodi

    still loving looking at these things! love the turtle so much!!

  • JenR

    Wow, this is a popular one! Must be a record–my DD still loves Hada the pink (of course) hippo…

  • Lisa

    Look at that cute face on the lion…love it!

  • Alicia

    I love Taj…and my second favorite is Ping the Panda!!

  • Kam A

    I love Kojo the Croc!

  • Jenniferd

    So adorable – love Tada the Turtle!

  • Lynne

    I just love the hippo. So cute, my daughter would be permently attached to this.

  • http://celebritybabyscoop mimi

    I love these animals/blankets. We think the lion is the cutest!!!

  • Paola

    They are all so cute! My son likes the Elephant and the Lion

  • Kacey

    My daughter has given the edict:
    She likes Hada. I love them all! Oh, to be a kid again!

  • Cassie

    My son loves pandas! Gotta be PINGU!

  • kellylynn

    I rather like Jafaru. But Tama is also a cute one.

  • Robin

    How to choose???!!!! My 4 year old would love the lion. its her fav animal right now and she also LOVES yellow. Thanks for the Christmas present idea!!

  • Laurie Bailey

    So cute, I love Hadu the hippo

  • Kristin

    Its hard to pick just one! I love the lion, giraffe and panda.

  • Joanne

    What a great giveaway, they’re all so cute, colorful and look so soft. Any of them would make a good gift.

  • KellyB

    My fav is the turtle!

  • workout mommy

    how adorable! my fave is Ellema the elephant! :)

  • persia

    the tiger is so so cute!

  • Denise

    My daughter would just roar over the Lion! :)

  • gia

    that lion is soooo adorablly cute.

  • JenR

    The pink Hada hippo is still the winner in this house!!

  • Heather

    I have to go with Tama and Khimba & baby Kai (my daughter is due in March and her middle name is Kai) – I definitely see these being under the tree at Christmas

  • Donna Hildenbrand

    Donna H – My granddaughter would LOVE Khimba the Koahla with baby Kai or Hada the Hippo!

  • Rebecca

    We love Kojo the croc

  • Destiny

    Hoping that my daughter wins Orazio! She loves monkeys!

  • Lisa

    I hope I win a lion for my son!

  • Chani

    my little girl loves hippos so Hada would be our favorite!!

  • Angie

    The Lion Is so adorable!!

  • Trish

    WOW, picking a favorite is so hard. I think i have to side with KHIMBA. Purple and fuzzy and soooo sweet.

  • Emily

    These Zoobie pets are so adorable. My son would love the lion especially since his middle name is Leonidas ( “lion” ).

  • Rena

    I would love to win the lion and the monkey for my 2 grandchildren! That would make me a cool grandma!

  • Helen

    Ian and I would really love to give Lencho the Lion a new home. I think he would really love it here.

  • Nicole

    I love the Khimba zoobie. That is so ideal the mother and baby. It would give the baby a great stuff animal to lay with wile wraped in the mama blanket.

  • GavMitri

    They are all adorable! But my favorite is the lion!

  • Janet F

    I like Ellema!

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I’m The Mom

    My son would love Tama the Tortoise!

  • sandra kao

    my favorite is kojo

  • Heather

    I love these, esp the Ellema the elephant and Ping the panda. would love to win anything!

  • Terra Heck

    My favorite is Bobo the Baboon.

  • Nicole Lancia

    I love Rhaxma…this product is too cute.

  • Rachel Bird

    I like Ping. My daughter loves pandas.

  • Alicia

    My little Harrison would love Taj and Ping!

  • Elda

    Tama the Tortoise is my favorite. I love the color combination!

  • Kim


  • Betsy

    We love the lion. What a great idea!

  • Ashley

    they’re all so cute!!!

  • Ashley

    oh but ping and hada are our favs! :)

  • Barbara

    I love the lion. So sweet.

  • Kristen

    We love them all!! If I had to pick one it would be the Lion…so adorable!

  • Cristina

    I love Khimba the Koala and baby!

  • Jenny-Loo

    I love all of them, If I had to choose one I would could with the little Lion.

  • http://celebritybabyscoop Melissa

    my little 3 yr old Rachel loves the lion the best… adorable! looks so cuddly and soft!

  • Emily

    i am having a hard time deciding… I like them all!

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