Suri Cruise Makes Some Faces

Suri Cruise Makes Some Faces

Actress Katie Holmes took daughter Suri, 2 1/2, for a walk through downtown New York. They ended up at at a Union Square Park, where Suri grinned and played with her bear. She also made some very funny expressions along the way – I wonder if there’s acting in her future?

Photos: Edward Opinaldo,; ANDERSON/VILA/

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  1. Mamaem

    Every time I am on this site, there are nasty comments about katie and how horrible a mom she is because she doesn’t cover up Suri in coats and stockings when they go out. These pics show Suri covered reasonably for the weather. Where are the accolades to Katie? You guys need to focus on your lives and live and let live.

  2. Why would people go around saying “Go Katie! She put a jacket on her daughter!” It’s common sense that you dress your child warmly; that’s not even being a GOOD parent, that’s being an ADEQUATE parent. That’s why.

  3. Mamaem

    why don’t you just focus on being a good parent and let others parent the way they want. Who hired you judge of the world.?

  4. You do realize that goes both ways, don’t you?


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