Happy 1st Birthday Zoe Grace & Thomas Boone!

Name: Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace Quaid

Birthday: 08 November 2008

Parents: Dennis and Kimberly Quaid

Siblings: Half-brother Jack Henry, 16

Facts about them:

• When the twins were 12 days old, they were given heparin 1,000 times the common dosage for infants but they recovered and have no health implications because of it

• The twins were born via a surrogate mother. Thomas Boone was born first at 8:26 am weighing 6 pounds 12 oz. and Zoe Grace arrived two minutes later weighing 5 pounds 9 oz.

Dennis on the twins,

“One’s wearing blue, the other one’s wearing pink. But you’d still be surprised [with] people, because they don’t want to make a mistake, they go, ‘Oh, that’s the… a girl isn’t it?”

Visit here to see more of Thomas and here to see more of Zoe

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  1. Anonymous

    they are so effin adorable

  2. Natalie

    Some babies look so clearly like their celebrity parents, but i’m so happy Zoe and Thomas look like babies! Happy Birthday x

  3. Anonymous

    they look absolutely NOTHING like Dennis

  4. Ana

    I disagree, I can definitely see Dennis in both of them.

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