Bedtime For Suri

Bedtime For Suri

Before her Thursday night performance in All My Sons — while in her stage make-up, Katie Holmes carried 2 1/2-year-old Suri back to their NYC apartment.

Yesterday we saw the mother daughter duo heading home, after spending the afternoon shopping together.

Photo: Coast News

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  1. Janie

    I cannot ever get enough of Suri.

    She is absolutely adorable.

    Look at those red shoes.

    She is precious!

  2. --

    I’d love to see Katie wearing that kind of makeup during the day time too. She looks so different with make up and without make up.

    I think she has THE WORST PR team ever :-p

  3. Amanda

    is Suri still in diapers?it looks like she has a diaper or pull up on.

  4. Becca

    Yes, that’s a diaper or a pull up. She’s still at the age where she would be potty training.

  5. LilNick

    Suri has a coat on!!!!!!Yeah!!!!!
    Who cares if she’s still in diapers or not????!!!!Not all kids train at the same age!!

  6. Jen

    Yeah for real lol My son is 3 years old and still needs a pull up occasionally as he’s not 100% potty trained, mostly in the evenings.

  7. linpin

    A Coat!!! Yeah!!! Finally, and a pair of pants, now if we could only get them to put some socks on her!!


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