Jodie Sweetin & Husband Cody Herpin Separate

Jodie Sweetin & Husband Cody Herpin Separate

This split may come as a surprise to many, as Jodie just recently sat down with US Magazine to discuss her plans for 2009, including a possible reality show, book and two films. At this time, Jodie told the mag, “My life is so full right now, so that’s great. I’m so blessed.”

Sweetin has reportedly taken 7-month old Zoie and left their home, and in an interview with PEOPLE, Herpin said, “I was dumbfounded. Over this past month something has been different. I’m concerned about our daughter and I just want (Zoie) home.”

Stella Alex, who is Sweetin’s agent, tells PEOPLE, that Jodie is, “absolutely clean,” and that Jodie has simply, “come to this path in their life and she felt like this is the way she had to go. Jodie says it’s unfortunate but it’s just what has to happen right now. No more detail, only because she says she doesn’t want to be disrespectful to him.”

This was Jodie’s second marriage, she was married to Shaun Holguin from 2002-2006.

Source: People, Wikipedia

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  • Janie

    Wow – that was a quick marriage!

  • Rinoa

    It’s awful how soon couples are separating…

  • Jen

    Obviously the girl is very immature. Two failed marriages, a history with drugs that she claims she stumbled into out of boredom, a daughter who will never see her father. Sorry, but her agent needs to get her some help and stop powdering her spoiled little butt. She left the last guy because she grew tired of him, too.

  • Sarita

    I saw this coming from the start. It’s never wise to marry because you got pregnant. I do hope Zoie will stay in contact with both her parents.

  • Nicole

    I agree Sarita. I’m one of the people who say you don’t have to get married if you’re together, but getting together just because you had a baby is never really a solid foundation. Kudos to everyone who manages to make that work, but for the most part, it doesn’t.

  • caroline

    Agreed with ALL the above. Marriage isn’t some cool ‘event’ to attend and get gifts and a nice pretty party. Ridiculous. There have been blind items lately about a mother who is back on drugs breastfeeding let’s hope it is not her. If she did slip back into addiction hopefully someone around her gets her help for her child’s sake.

    They are legally married so can she actually just leave with the child with no explanation, no forwarding address? This concerns me (given her history as drug use can make behavior dangerously erratic).

    Is that not parental kidnapping? Editors, any info on this? If that is true shouldn’t there be an amber alert on the child. I just hear about this happening in the news with non celeb families and an amber alert is issued. This is either not the real story then (and the parents want privacy regarding a specific detail) or she just kidnapped the baby which is quite serious.

  • Patrick

    i used to watch that show… terrible one-liners

  • tsagrednerp

    @ Patrick – HILARIOUS! I thought I was alone…

    That Zoie is a little cherub…

  • Lala

    I’ve got to say I called this one.

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