Happy 2nd Birthday Johan!

Name: Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel

Birthday: 22 November 2006

Parents: Heidi Klum & Seal Samuel

Siblings: Half-sister Leni, 4, and brother Henry, 3.

Facts about him:

• Johan and his siblings have, in the past, enjoyed a playdate with Milla Jovovich’s daughter Ever

• Mum Heidi told how when Johan was a baby, his big sister Leni helped sing lullabies to get Johan to sleep

Heidi on Johan,

“Everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces once Johan arrived”

Visit here to see more of Johan

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  1. gia

    he just keeps getting cuter & cuter!

  2. CM

    he is seriously one of the cutest little boys i have ever seen

  3. lindsay

    seriously the cutest kid i’ve ever seen! Love this family.

  4. He is so cute… I love this whole family.


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