Liev, Naomi & Sasha Hail A Cab

Naomi Watts and fiance Liev Schreiber smiled for the cameras today while they waited for a cab in New York City. Their 16-month-old son Sasha was looking serious as usual, wrapped up and snuggled in his carrier. The couple are expecting their second child soon, and have been relaxing while they await the birth.

Photo: Hector Vallenilla/

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  • Anonymous

    it looks like shes due any day…her belly dropped…i cant wait for the little one.

  • su

    he’s to big for the carrier,poor kid

  • Timi

    He’s very very cute!:)

  • dede

    he is way too big for a carrier!!!!!!!!

  • Monica

    why is he too big for the carrier? its not because of the weight limit, I am sure it goes up to about 40lbs.

  • Tara

    He’s NOT too big for the carrier, The Bjorn is rated to 26 lbs (he cant be more than 20). He looks totally cozy and happy :)

  • Leandra

    Never a smile but he could be afraid of the cameras.

  • Rinoa

    He is one of the most adorable babies I have seen on this site. Even if he does rarely smile!

  • Jessica

    He isn’t too big for a carrier. The one I have is good up to 35 pounds. It might be a little uncomfy for him in the crotch area though

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