Tom, Katie & Suri Buy Some M&Ms

Tom, Katie & Suri Buy Some M&Ms

After spending the last few days hanging out with the Beckhams, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri to the M&M store in Times Square. Suri, wrapped up in a big coat, snacked from her own bag of green M&Ms!

Photos: Splash News

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  1. Pencils

    I had that haircut in 1981. Doesn’t even look like Katie.

  2. Just Saying

    They sure dote on her a lot…and i could see her having problems adjusting to a sibling.

  3. RA

    I don’t think Katie even knows who she is anymore…

  4. Sam

    That’s a healthly snack for a 2 year old NOT, Suri dosn’t need all that sugar.

  5. Dee

    Why are we SSSOOOO interested in what they are feeding their child? But, poor kid, to also be spoiled constantly by mom & dad. I so hope she adjusts to the new additon and grows up “normal”

  6. Sam

    We are intrested in what they are feeding Suri bescause in many photos Suri has been seen eating a cupcakes or sugary treats which are not healthy for two year old, she should be eating fruit and yoghurt.

  7. I’m hoping that she only gets sugary treats when they actually go out and buy them – if we just go off pictures, all the treats are bought when they’re out and about, so.

  8. Abby

    I miss the old Katie! The one with long hair and that girly personality. She defiantly has changed since Tom and Her got married.

  9. Debsa

    Wow, you can really tell Tom has a new movie coming out.

    Usually his family isn’t on display this much. I think Katie looks sad in almost all photographs lately..

  10. Wow I never knew there were M&M stores! I am planning a vacation to New York next year, I think I will have to go check it out.

  11. Lala

    Hey at least in this pic she is wearing a warm jacket. But poor Katie looks a hot mess. that hair!

  12. malunna

    Why, Why, Why?!?!?!…….i mean…why is this little girl wearing a faux fur coat?!?!?!?!…isn’t extreme that she use a diferent designer dress every day???….can they just go to gap and buy something pretty?….this girl is growin very much twisted… sorry.

    And yes katie looks so sad…or is that face a copy of her very good friend victoria?


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