Happy 3rd Birthday, Violet Affleck!

Violet Affleck turns three years old today!

Name: Violet Anne Affleck

Birthday: December 1, 2005

Parents: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Siblings: None yet – but mom Jennifer is due with her little sibling this month!

Facts about her:

• Violet loves books – she loves visiting bookstores, libraries and even dressing up as her favorite book characters.

Jennifer’s former co-star, Vincent Garber, has spoken about Violet a lot,

“Violet is the most verbal child. She’s not even 2, and her vocabulary is daunting, she can talk about animals, giraffes, and she mentions where she’s been.”

“Oh, she is just an astonishing child. She looks just like her mother! She’s her mother’s daughter.”

Click here to see more of Violet!

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  • Silvia

    happy birthday honey!!!
    from varese, italy
    thanks CelebrityBabyScoop.com kiss

  • Noelia

    Happy Birthday, to the lovely and sweet Violet !

    …are my sincere wishes from Montevideo, Uruguay!

  • tess

    Happy Birthday Violet. the cutest celebrity kid ever. all the best.

  • Rosy J

    Happy b-day precious little flower. Thanks for all the beautiful smiles you are given us. Have a great day and hope to hear news of your sibling soon. Stay as sweet as you are now! xoxoxo.

  • Sara

    She’s so adorable. Happy birthday Vi!

    …And it’s Victor Garber, not Vincent.

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