Helena Gives Nell A Smooch

Helena Gives Nell A Smooch

British actress Helena Bonham Carter had some fun in the Malibu sun on Saturday with her kids, son Billy Ray, 5, and 11 1/2-month-old daughter, Nell.

Wearing her favorite shock-absorbing Z Coil shoes – the mum pushed Nell on the swings and watched the kids play in the sandbox. Dad is director Tim Burton.

Photos: Calabrese/PacificCoastNews.com

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  1. Katrina

    lol she is soooo chubby and cute.

  2. Dea

    OMG, she dresses Nell as quirky as she is. I think HBC is living in a time warp! she thinks it’s year 1867 or something..:-)

  3. Leandra

    They do tend to chub up just before they start to run around. My son had chubby little legs too but now he’s a beanpole.

  4. Jess

    Oh my goodness Nell is SO CUTE. I just want to hug her! Helena seems like a really great mom and I love the faces she makes when she’s pushing Nell on the swing.

  5. shirilicious

    Her Baby looks HUGE in that header pic. Cute, but really huge.
    And what is it with HBC and aprons lately?

  6. Jessica

    What a huge fat baby.

  7. Leni

    second time I’ve seen Nell and second time I’ve thought she’s a little giant!! really cute though

  8. Laura

    What a big baby! :-) Soooo chubble wubble!

  9. gini

    Thats not chubby…thats an obese baby. I hate how everyone thinks having a fat baby is cute….it cant be healthy for them.

  10. gia

    that is a big baby girl! she would be cute either chubby or not.

  11. Jasie

    Nell looks just like the cupids from the old paintings.

  12. beth

    Big fan of HBC + TB nelly is so cute nell look just like here mum + billy ray burton just look like his dad tim . There are such a great couple and family great films great actor :) anybody seen dark shadows yet . I like dr. Julia hoffman aka played by helena bonham carter of cause then barnabas collins played by johnny deep . Willy woka welcome songs hahahahahahahahhahhh love it


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